Jerrick Washington
Full Name Jerrick Yavon Washington
Nicknames J.V
Age 20
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 7, 1991
Status Alive
Place of Birth Compton, California
Nationality American
Occupation None

Unnamed Grandfather (Deceased), Sydney Washington (mother) Renesmee Malloy (daughter) Karima KaJudah (wife)

Jerrick Yavon Washington, less commonly known as J.V is one of the two main characters of the animated comedy series Nick and Jerrick. Jerrick is characterized as an educated yet lazy African American partier who has basically focuses on doing his own thing. Like his best friend Nick, Jerrick has trouble showing his true emotions and therefore (according to Jerrick himself) expresses his inner thoughts through smoking marijuana.


Jerrick is a young African American man standing at 6'1 with a slightly more muscular body build than that of Nick. Jerrick's attire always usually consists of a wife beater, a pair of shorts, and a baseball cap. Jerrick is known as the loose canon one between himself and Nick and is often considered the follower (although he never does anything Nick or anyone tells him to do and often does whatever he wishes). Jerrick often considers himself a rebel against the world which explains his defying actions towards everyone.

Jerrick is well known throughout Rose Beach, Florida for his mischievous actions as is distrusted by just about everyone. One of Jerrick's favorite hobbies besides smoking pot is annoying everyone around him. In every episode Jerrick's main objective is to get a good laugh at the expense of others. As Jerrick is identified to be Nick's only true friend, Nick is Jerrick's only real friend.

Jerrick is also rather educated and appears to be well knowledgeable about social studies and world history as well as geography. He knows a lot about politics (despite never voting or wishing to) and can name all of the United States presidents, their political parties, and the dates in which they were elected as well as any major events that occured during their presidency. Jerrick once scored over 200 points on an I.Q test but chooses to hide his intelligence to protect his current reputation.


Nick LagoryEdit

Jerrick and Nick bare a best friend relationship but act as if they are brothers from another mother. Jerrick has had Nick's back since day one and ever since Nick has had his. Sometimes Jerrick abuses their friendship and exploits Nick while carrying out his various schemes and plots. Being the physical strength in the friendship between the two, Jerrick appears to always be ready to fight (or run his mouth) to save both himself and his best friend.

Karima KaJudahEdit

Karima is Jerrick's other best friend. As they are both african-american, it gives them a close relationship. Karima nicknamed Jerrick "J-Boy". She considers both Nick and Jerrick as brothers and vice-versa. The breifly dated and have a very close bond.

Sophie PrescottEdit

Resemee MalloyEdit


  • In "Possession" it is revealed that he owns a black 1980 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.
  • Also in "Possession" it is revealed that Jerrick may have a child.
  • In "Hitch and Hiked" he dates Big Foot.
  • In "Trouble" Sophie and Jerrick get arrested and sent to jail when Jerrick and Sophie stolen Stephen Griffin,s red car.

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