Jerry Parsons
Played by Reed Diamond
Status Incarcerated
First Appearance "Swan Song"
Last Appearance "Swan Song"
Victims Kristine Donovan
Role Murderer

Jerry Parsons is a supporting character in the Law & Order: Miami episode Swan Song. By the end, Parsons is revealed to be the killer of Kristine Donovan.

Dollhouse 2x13 Still 010

Jerry Parsons in "Swan Song".


Jerry Parsons is the killer of Kristine Donovan. He is also her stalker. It is unknown what his true motif was for the killing, but after discovering that one of Kristine's friends Sarah Ramsey was about to reveal the truth about him, Jerry tracked Sarah down and threatened to slit her throat, but Detective Vaughn managed to talk Jerry into throwing away the knife and releasing Sarah. He later went to trial, where he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Favored Weapon

Golok Knife

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