Jerry White is a recuring character in The Jeffersons. His first appearance was in Married with Skids, although he is unnamed until The Party Pooper.


Jerry is an African American, and his last name seems to parody his race. He appears as a bald Michael Jordan-esque man who wears a green sweater when not in a tuxedo.


Jerry seems to be a likeable man, and is smooth with the ladies. He has a wife Martha in The Party Pooper and a wife Sandra in The Mehican, which proves he is good at getting women. He usually drinks Suave Man's Beer, and says he watches shows such as the NBA matches and My Sweets, a local soap drama featured in the episode Director's Cluck, where Charlie becomes the director of the soap and changes it drastically.


Season 1 of the Jeffersons

Season 2

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