Jesün Azühir Rangieü (b. March 3rd, 1952, Rangiet Palace, Ginjieü, Kingdom of Rangastan-d. July 20th 1993, Shü-Fühari Square, Ginjieü, Republic of Rangastan), known formally as Rangieü V, was the 30th and final reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Rangastan, from the end of Soviet control until his abolishment as king in March 1993. He was also the only king to have his full name used in his royal title, Jesün Azühir Rangieü V, King of the Glorious Kingdom of Rangastan.

Jesün was the son of Rangieü IV (1918-1970) and his wife Shulahni (1920-2002), who reigned as the last proper king and queen of Rangastan. His family was forced into exile in Egypt after the Soviet Union took control of Rangastan on June 6th 1964, when Jesün was 12 years old. His father acted as de facto leader of the Rangiet Dynasty until his death in 1970, whereupon Jesün became the apparent King of Rangastan. His rule was only for two years, after Soviet collapse he and his family, including his mother, returned to Rangastan after a popular people's movement to have the monarchy restored. However the man who had acted as the head of state for much of the Soviet occupation opted for a republic, and in March 1993 Constanteüs Fairük Güenger was elected the first President of the Republic of Rangastan.

Jesün spent the rest of his life under house arrest in the Rangiet Palace until his family (including his wife Ashri, and his sons Abdul and Muhamud) wee assembled at Shü-Fühari Square, once a place were his predecessors had held ceremony, and executed by fitting squad at around 11:05 AM July 20th 1993. They were interred at the private cemetery in Rangiet Palace. He was survived by his mother Shulahni and his brother Yusoph (b. 1960-), who currently acts as the head of the Rangiet House.

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