Jessica Joose is a victim appearing in Tim Burton's Original Slasher Horror Film Color. She is the oldest teenage victim character of the film being nineteen and five months, and is a student at Underson School Of Paint New York. She is a friend of Wendelin Waters, Judy Juggernaut, Tahlia Tommorow, Best Friend of Kelly Keeper and the ex-girlfriend of Thomas Turntile. She was killed by Tahlia Tommorow and was the victim representation of the color Brown.

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Jessica Joose
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Underson School Of Paint


Victim, Brown

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She was portrayed by Joanna Levesque.

Biography Edit

Jessica Joose parents go unnamed in the film and appear following her death to make funeral arrangments. She is believed to have loving parents as they were terribly aggrieved at her death and her to have been born into considerable wealth as both her parents possess millions of money. Jessica's birthdate is stated to be January as she is the oldest character and the second oldest character of the film the protagonist is born in July for which she surpasses her by age by five months. Her birthdate exactly is unknown and the only details is that she was born in 1991 in January.

Death Edit

Jessica is pursued by Tahlia across the Underson Ranch Park where she is impaled with a brown paint tipped paint brush in the back. Her death was witnessed also by the character known as the Butcher who is then killed following. Campus Security at first proposed her murder to have been the work of the Butcher victim who killed her and then committed suicide via inserting a broken moonshine glass into his mouth. Jessica's friends were outraged at the police's report as the killer and motivations to her death. Jessica's body was found right near a park seat face down with the brown paint tipped paintbrush embedded in her back.

Her body is then taken by the Coroner to the Morgue along with the Butcher but her corpse is then stolen and placed in the C Classroom on the floor along with Julian John's body.

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