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Dark Future if Autobots lose the war

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Bigger than Grievous but smaller than Gigatron

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100% Robot

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Transformers Wars




Autobot General

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C-17 Globemaster III

Cyber Key power class="infoboxcell" style=";

" | Fires powerful blasts of energy Same as Stratosphere adding gunpoints and cannons all around his plane mode body

Stealth Force Mode

Same as Stratosphere adding gunpoints and cannons all around his plane mode body

Jetfire is an Autobot General that is a veteran of the Great Cybertronian Wars. He transforms into a cargo plane to carry Autobots around.

His role in the Transformers Wars is to transport Autobots and his new Jedi Friends from planet to planet.

Jetfire after his reconstruction

Jetfire was injured along with the other Autobot Commanders against an upgraded Darth Grievous, Gigatron and Seekers. He was rebuilt as a An-225 resembling jet by Ratchet and was more powerful than before.

On a battle on Hoth Jetfire got into a fight with Gigatron when the evil Demon General petrifies his Autobot and Jedi friends on Hoth. Jetfire threw rocks and fired lasers at Gigatron but he used his cape as a shield that Jetfire had to rely on melee attacks. Jetfire activated his Cyber Key power to do a full blast at Gigatron but Gigatron teleported behind Jetfire by using his cape. During the fight Gigatron injured Jetfire with laser eyes and punched and kicked Jetfire in the face. Jetfire fought back with many attacks including using his lightsaber to slash a piece of Gigatrons armor and even transform into his jet mode to attack from the air. When Jetfire was close to finishing off the demon general Gigatron teleported away by wrapping his cape around him.

Jetfire was one of many Autobot Planes that got beaten up by an upgraded Starscream when Starscream blasted his left wing.

Jetfire was challenged with a rematch with Gigatron and this time Gigatron was killed when his head was cut off and Jetfire crushed his severed head with his legs.

When the Autobots tried to help Prime defeat Darth Grievous the demon sith lord deeply injured Jetfire and the Autobots. Jetfire was later forced to take the injured Autobots back to the Ark for repairs.

At the end of the Transformers Wars Jetfire along with Powerglide were hailed as heros on Coruscant and done an air show with Powerglide in his jet mode.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Jetfire rallied the Venator Class Star Destroyers but despite their massive firepower it was useless and Starscream just shot him down and finally after shooting each other and bashing each other in the deck of a destroyed Venator jetfire died.



Jetfire toy

Jetfire was once again Ultra-sized, but this time transformed into a green cargo plane resembling a modified Antonov An-225. The design of the vehicle mode features a small homage to Jetfire's previous shuttle forms via a (non-opening) hatch featuring 'teeth' on the dorsal section. Jetfire features sound effects by pressing the port side aft engine nacelle. Inserting his Cyber Planet Key into his tail assembly in either vehicle or robot mode causes a pair of translucent red cannons to extend, and the compartment they are mounted on to raise. Pressing the port side aft engine now features a different sound effect. The tail section can be swiveled up to form an attack mode somewhat resembling the "gerwalk" form of a Macross Valkyrie (appropriately).
In robot mode Jetfire has a tendency to topple back due to the heavy battery operated gimmicks of the tail section, though he is more stable if one puts him in an action-oriented pose. In this mode he features two pop-out (non-firing) missile pods in his waist and wields his two wing-mounted (spring-loaded) missile launchers.
The US version of this toy has a bar between the barrels of the translucent red tail cannons to provide structural integrity at the cost of aesthetics. The other cosmetic difference between the US and Japanese versions is that the Galaxy Force release has more paint applications. Finally, the Cybertron release comes with a silver-bordered Earth planet Cyber Key with key code uk97 printed on the back, while the Galaxy Force version comes with a silver-bordered Cybertron planet Autobot key.

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