Jill Roberts and Lauren Malloy's Return takes place after the events of The Return of Frank Nightingale's Stalker. Lauren is still alive and she is shock, Jill Roberts is still alive. Jill and Lauren start kill people and kill each other. Who can stop them.




  • Gary Sinise as Frank Nightingale
  • Alicia Silverstone as Emma Lloyd
  • Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott
  • Keanu Reeves as Thomas Connor
  • Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald/Lauren Malloy
  • Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts
  • Emma Bell as Cami Watson
  • Caitlin Carmichael as Hayley Mitchell
  • Matthew Knight as Ethan Carsia
  • Ellen Wroe as Brianna Albertson
  • Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell
  • Dakota Fanning as Missy Gibson
  • Daveigh Chase as Hannah Roberts


We don't know Jill and Lauren are still alive when they felll into a river when they were fighting. The police don't find Lauren or Jill's bodies

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