Jill Roberts vs Lauren Malloy or Scream 42: Jill Roberts vs Lauren Malloy takes place after the events of Welcome Back to Lauren Malloy. Jill Roberts has returned home and still wants to kill her cousin Sidney except she sees Lauren Malloy is still alive,she decides to eliimnate her for good too. Can Sidney,Robert,Dennis,Kirby and Frank stop these 2 psychos before they wipe out Woodsboro in their quest to kill eachother?


  • Gary Sinise as Det Frank Nightingale
  • Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott
  • Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts
  • Hayden Penetierre as Kirby Reed
  • Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald/Lauren Malloy
  • Josh Brolin as Robert Morgan
  • Michael Madsen as Det Dennis Mitchell
  • Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell
  • Molly Burnette as Caroline Mitchell
  • Amber Stevens as Marina Pinto
  • Tim McGraw as Captain Fred Dugan
  • Sara Foster as Sandy Cosgrove
  • Jeremy Renner as Hunter Reed/Kirby's older brother
  • Summer Glau as Francine Stewart
  • Malik Yoba as LT Joe Perkins/Anthony Perkins's brother
  • Roger Haworth as Captain Victor Lawson
  • Zachery Levi as Bill Everette
  • Sarah Lancaster as Kate Robinson
  • Patrick Johnson as Oscar Hendry
  • Jennifer Stone as Michelle Benes
  • Patrick Fugit as Bobby Rome


  • Sidney Prescott
  • Robert Morgan
  • Frank Nightingale
  • Hunter Reed
  • Kirby Reed
  • Marina Pinto
  • Hayley McDonald
  • Dennis Mitchell
  • Caroline Mitchell
  • Joe Perkins
  • Captain Fred Dugan
  • Jill Roberts


Jill Roberts-She still hates Sidney and plans her revenge to finally kill her.

Lauren Malloy-She wants to kill Hayley after she last attacked her.


Victor Lawson-He is attacked from behind and then stabbed in the chest when the killer grabs him and reaches around to stab him in the chest. (Jill)

Kate Robinson-She has her face rammed into a mirror then the killer gets a piece of shard glass and slits her throat. ( Lauren)

Bill Everette- He is slashed to death after he is knocked out and laying on the floor (Jill)

Michelle Benes-She is hit by a car and then run over after she rolls off the hood of the car. (Lauren)

Oscar Hendry-He is stabbed in the side of the neck. (Jill)

Sandy Cosgrove-She is chased into her kitchen and is killed when the killer throws a knife at her and it ends up embedded in her chest. (Lauren)

Francine Stewart-She is stabbed in the chest then pushed out of a window. (Jill)

Bobby Rome-A unmasked Lauren drowns him in a swimming pool by holding his head underwater.

Jessica Mitchell?-She is stabbed by a unmasked Jill in the stomach and left to die because Jill saw Lauren going into Hayley's house.

Lauren Malloy- She is stabbed and gutted by Jill in front of Hayley who is horrified to see her sister attacked like that.


Despite everything that Lauren had done Hayley couldn't just let her sister die, she called for an ambulance and when they got to the hospital they operated on her.

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