• Jasper Heinous

Lucius's nephew and Beezy's cousin. He wears a red cap, orange shirt that has sleeves and torn bottoms, shorts, sandals, blue and brown hair.

  • Petunia

Petunia is a blue skunk, and she is the sister of Stink The Skunk and Bradly.

  • Bradly

Bradly is a baby skunk kit, and he is the brother of Stink The Skunk and Petunia.

  • Cillian Darcy

Cillian is a new best friend of heloise beezy and jimmy they team up to save the world they let him move beside them.

  • Lorcan Darcy

Lorcan is brother of cillian he's stayed in miseryville while cillian is off to save the earth.

  • Lilly Darcy

Lilly is Cillian and Lorcan's Triplet Sister

  • Bruno

Bruno is Jimmy's older brother. He is taller and stronger than Jimmy. He is 1/4 demon. He is not an actual character. He has a giant sword. He also has 10 unknown powers.

  • Jimmy's Father

Jimmy's Father (Jimmy Two Shoes Sr.) is a half demon and half human. He is not in the actual series. He works for Lucius as Samy's replacement. He looks almost exactly like his son. He can shoot fire from his mouth and fly. He has once taught Jimmy how to fly.

Jimmy's Father has a leather jacket and a mustache. He got fired by Lucius twice for trying to flirt with Jez. He also has a motorcycle. He won't even let Jimmy ride it. Jimmy has been shown as a demon once. When Jimmy Jr. was born, he was kidnapped by Lucius. Jimmy Sr. saved his son, but had to work for Lucius in return for his son.


Claudia is Heloise's cousin, created by Jtsfan13



Claudia has light blonde hair and teal eyes, and wears a black and white striped dress.


She can wreck an entire house in just under 5 seconds. She like the show, Misery Shore. She is also a fan of Runny and the Nosebleeds as she is seen listening to them on her CD player when HEloise drops her off. She is considered dangerous(er) when she has scissors.


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