• Misery Inc. Destruction
  • Story of the Timemachine of Heloise
  • Jimmyus
  • Beezy Kiss A Heloise For This Time
  • Heinous Controller

Lucius get a new controller of Heloise and controlling Jimmy.

  • Saffi's New Boyfriend

When Butley returns in Beezy's house.Butley gets a Beezy costume and go in Saffi's house.

  • A Basketball-Wood
  • Zit-Beezy
  • Jimmy Return in His City
  • Code Secret Lucius
  • Giant Moster Lucius
  • Lucius Wishmaker of Santa
  • Summer Normal Sea
  • Walk Talk
  • Miseryville Napped!(Two-Parts)
  • Brush
  • Jimmy 1987-2789
  • In The Movie Two-Shoes
  • Lucius I Lives
  • Hot Attack
  • Jez in the Lucius's Party
  • Itchy Lucius
  • Scratchy Cerbee
  • Color Switch
  • 58 Collections Of Superstar Two-Shoes
  • Lucius in the Videogame
  • Song Of Class
  • Never Jimmy(Two-Parts)
  • Magical
  • Expertal
  • Sky Fly
  • Wonderlanded
  • Secrets for the Save
  • Animal Machine Heloise
  • Meet The Jiama
  • Botanic
  • Ville-Switch(Two-Parts)
  • Gnomed
  • The Small Thing of a Machine,in Heloise or in Other
  • Jimmy of Vimmy
  • Much Most
  • Mummy of Heloise
  • R.I.P Hills
  • Jimmy's Fast Time
  • Heloise's Game Who Want to be a Milliona-Luciusarrie
  • Smalled
  • Island L.U.C.I.U.S
  • Escape of Island L.U.C.I.U.S
  • Smart Beezy
  • The Internal World Of Doom (The Fan-Pilot Episode)

Twoshoes X HeARED THAT MyseryVille is a Dangerous Place to live. when he saved Jimmy ,he is sucking myseryville lava by using vacume to planet toon The real heloise is worried that he can die so he heal him with Frosty Freeze but the NegaTivatron destroy the ship! Jimmy had finnaly came to planet toon a happy place were toons were be happy! but Zim invade it with his UFO. Jimmy was afraid so heloise grab by hand toke him to the UFO Shelter but planet toon's volcano was ruppeted and blow up the TNT inc. professor membraine had gave jimmy a happy safe place tto live were johnny & jessica sandals lived for long times. but Twoshoes X Won't let him out unless is safe it all realy started when glory came to planet toon. Now he may do nothing but his heroes were humanToons superpowers to save planet toon forever! thats were the heart of planet toon is until the netivatron destroy it and the explosion destroyed the five moons he has to stay there until it's safe out there. it could be dangerous outside planet toon!

  • Heloise And Beezy's Argument

Heloise and Beezy gets a argument from Jimmy either of Lucius.

  • Heloise And Beezy Fights Jimmy

Jimmy gets Heloise and Beezy to jail.

  • Heloise Embarrassing Parents (TV Movie)

heloise embarrassing parents is a 1st jimmy two shoes movie about heloise overprotecting parents comes to vist and wants her to go to the toilet she must escape from them by run away to jimmy's house

  • Heloise's worst nightmare

jimmy beezy 1st met cillian and lorcan (the darcy twins) for the 1st time and heloise is tried to impress her parents to use the bathroom she must hold her pee in 40 hours to break the record

  • I Peed My Pants Heloise

Heloise saw jimmy peed

  • The quarrel the musical

jimmy heloise beezy lorcan and cillian having a quarrel durring the musical movie and decide to be enemies forever jimmy is moving on heloise is breaking up with jimmy beezy and saffi got back together lorcan is moving home and cillian is leaving will they becoming friends again? or jimmy beezy and heloise will lose their best friends forever?

  • Twoshoes Ship (Object)

In a Universe so Cartoony & Friendly OF THE BIOLOGY OF Tommarow the Real Story

Proffesor Membraine genius to Procted Jimmy from Harmfulness but Jimmy Came Out use the escape Pod but he found his Dreamscape but he ever got sent to the Dangerous World that will Kill Him. Professor Membraine was freaked & it's not his Dreamscape it's Myserable & Planet Toon is in Danger Graying the Entire Planet Trouble Horrible Land Until all Toons were Doomed by the Mysterius Invader Zim

What is the Twoshoes Ship?

Were Jimmy realy realy realy Came from the Transmeter thinked that Jimmy needs their Help

What is Planet Toon?

A Friendly Planet wer toons ever colorful speicies Funny creative World since the 1960

  • Dancin' Jimmy
  • Invisible

Jimmy become invisible.

  • Miss Misery
  • Pool Pizza Party
  • Earth Cleaning
  • Heloise Sick Day

When Heloise get sick, Jimmy and Beezy try to take care of her.

  • The Big Food Finish
  • Capture The Ghost
  • Meet Jimmy Dad
  • The Big Money Rush

Jimmy and Beezy get rich and spend all of the money on useless things.

  • Bad Day
  • Not Jimmy Two Shoes
  • Miseryville:The Musical
  • Jimmy Evil Shoes
  • Mushy Stuff
  • Nerds On Me
  • The jimmy two shoes movie

Jimmy's parents come and visit him in misey ville and never even met him and want him to live with them. but heloise and beezy try to make jimmy stay. Lucius on the other hand trys to get rid of him saying to jimmy "You dont want to break your parents heart do you jimmy"? "Its not in your nature." he then goes. but later lucius regrets it cause he even agrees that misery ville is boring without him even for himself. soo the hole gang encluding lucius and sammy go and try to get jimmy back. this will be the first time that jimmy and heloise kiss and accualy has meaning. and also lucius and sammy bond a little too.

  • Vampire Mayhem
  • Baby-Sitting Again
  • Comedy Capers
  • Crazy Zoo
  • Trading Card Frenzy
  • Wild Rollercoaster Train Ride
  • Night of the Miseryville Werewolf
  • Beezy Goes Invisible
  • No Enemies Allowed
  • When Jimmy Met Henry
  • Jimmy's Diner
  • Fun Fair Knowledge
  • Flu Influenza
  • Puppet Theater Disaster
  • Destruction of Miseryville (aka The Final Episode)
  • R.I.P. Lorcan Darcy (1996-2011) and Hello The True Darcy.

Jimmy Heloise and Beezy Are Sad that Cillian Annouces That Lorcan Passed Away.

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