Jimmy Vaughn, also called "The Grantsburg Slayer", is a fictional character and serial killer in the TV series Hunters (TV series).


From 1990 to 1992 James Vaughn murdered twenty people driving on the rural highway of Grantsburg, Wisconsin. After his twentieth murder of Alison Jane, he was arrested by Sergeant Jeff Jenkins and Officer Leroy Hart. He died in prison two years later, but his ghost was resurected. In 2008 he ambushed Elizabeth Smith and Dominic Carlyle in their car, causing it to crash and kill Dominic. He then played with Elizabeth's sense of reality and passed through the torn up car, killing her with a sixteen inch sword.

After the hunters arrival to Grantsburg he played it quiet, until he got his revenge on Officer Leroy Hart and caused him to crash his police car. He planned to killed Jeff Jenkins as well, but the hunters got him out of town before Jimmy could do anything. Then the hunters lured Jimmy to a gas station and distracted him with a decoy car loaded with enchanted explosives Dan purchased in Toledo earlier. Jimmy Vaughn's ghost was banished from this world.

Powers and Abilities

Jimmy appears to be able to pass through solid objects when he is a ghost, and is ethereal. He possesses little other powerful powers and abilities, although he is an expert serial killer even in death.

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