(それはする必要があります, "Joutenkusu") is a mysterious human fighter from earth who wants to become the strongest human in the universe, surpassing the saiyans eventually.


Joetenks appears as a youth in his young early teens sporting a relatively simple martial arts appearance save for his exceedingly long hair, which he obtained through several years of isolation, training to increase his skills and power as much as he could before returning to the human civilization. Joetenks wears a sleeveless navy blue fighting gi(suit), and a long pair of traditional dark gray martial arts boots.


At times, Joetenks can be fiercely independant, but he is otherwise a fairly detached person. He does however demonstrate a variety of different emotions, delivering them through a strangely coolheaded and nonchalant facade. He is a very logical person, and rarely looses his head, approaching dangerous situations with calmness. He can often be mistaken as ignorant and a bigot, due to his tendency to easily convince his opponents so, though the truth is he does this as a habit to lure in his opponents and use them to his advantage.


Joetenks is a human with a Dark Past. He witnessed the death of his parents at the hands of several Saiyan Invaders early on in life, forcing him to have to grow up quickly and fend for himself. He had to learn alot of the cruelties of life for himself, retreating to the countryside ad swearing to obtain power so that he would never let anything that terrible happen again. Having reckless disregard for his own safety, Joetenks trained rentlessly day after day in fashions which would be seen as barbaric in the eyes of other humans, raising a farm and hunting for meat to survive on his own. When he turned 13, Joetenks decided that it was time to return to civilization.

Powers & Abilities

High Power Level: Joetenks has a startling large level of power due to being exposed to the harsh conditions of earth and having to fend for himself for so long. He has obtained a degree of power which is easily far beyond that of most other humans his age, getting an early start on his ultimate goal of becoming the strongest human in the universe. His power level currently stands at a total of 8,000 possbly making him the strongest human teenager on the face of the planet and perhaps the known universe. Joetenks is always training to increase his power so as to get closer and closer to his goal, seeking new and improved ways to do so.

Immense Strength: Joetenks demonstrates a massive degree of superhuman strength, which he obtained through relentless training, hunting, and the increasing of his own power level. He can effortlessly lift gigantic boulders, and control his strength to the point of releasing it in a concentrated fashion, as shown when he cleanly split 12 of said boulders while they were stacked upon eachother. His strength also allows him to sheer through solid oakwood tree trunks, as shown when he collected firewood in the Roshi's training saga.

Immense Speed: Though it isn't known just how fast Joetenks is capable of moving, he was able to do effortlessly dodge of all master cyborg mercenary tao's attacks with his eyes closed at the same time when he was encountered on a road to the city. Tao himself having demonstrated incredible acts of speed as a human, It can easily be assumed that Joetenks is hypersonic, moving at speeds easily in excess of mach 5.

Expert Brawler: Though not having received any real form of martial arts training, Joetenks has proven himself a skilled fighter. He obtained great prowess in fighting during various hunting situations where he had to do physical combat with his prey. In this right, Joetenks has obtained enough skill to effortlessly defeat any dinosaur which roams the face of the planet, not to mention he was capable of defeating tao in a single punch.

High Agility: Leaping through the treetops and over the mountains of the idyllic area that he has lived in all his life has given Joetenks a naturally increased agility rate and degree of acrobaticism. He is capable of performing acts of agility at a near-ninja level degree of precision and skill, effortlessly performing front and rear flips and even complex ariel manuevers the likes of which are used by gymnasts.

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