John Carpenter's To Be Alive is a 2013 psychological horror thriller film, it was directed by John Carpenter. Starring Amber Heard, Mark Wahlberg, Alex Pettyfer, Emma Bell, Taylor Lautner, Sophia Bush, Laura Ortiz, Britt Robertson,


After seeing her best friend was murdered by the killer, an 18 year old teenage girl and all of her friends are trapped forever in a haunted building.



  • Amber Heard as Marnie Roberts
  • Mark Wahlberg as Robert Strode/The killer
  • Alex Pettyfer as Richard Keller/Marnie's love interest
  • Emma Bell as Bianca Keller/Richard's sister
  • Taylor Lautner as Ethan White/Marnie's friend from her childhood
  • Sophia Bush as Wendy White/Ethan's cousin
  • Laura Ortiz as Julie Roberts/Marnie's little sister
  • Britt Robertson as Amy Castle/Marine's best friend
  • Melissa Joan Hart as Abby Harper
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA


  • Marine Roberts
  • Richard Keller
  • Bianca Keller
  • Ethan White
  • Julie Roberts


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