John Lennon: Imagine, is a 2007 bio-pic film directed by Rob Macnamara. Its tells the story of John Lennon from his early years, to his death. The film has since won 2 Emmys, and has been praised for it's strange way of story-telling.

Concept and Creation

Rob was fresh off the heels of his horror film, Slasher College Roadtrip 5, when he decided to move on to other projects. As it turned out, Rob's only other project was a stop-motion animated film. While working on it, he recieved a call from Mark Pitt, a well-known writer. Mark had started talk about doing a bio-pic, and wanted Rob to direct. Rob later was quoted as saying that he had second thoughts about it. "I mean, it wasn't my thing..." Rob told "Movie Reviews". "I did't know how to direct anything other than a horror film. But thankfully, Mark told me how to do it, and i said yea."

Mark Pitt was more sure of the film than Rob. "I mean, he was worried it wouldn't turn out well. I was totally trustworthy in him. I saw his work with horror films, and i just knew this guy would do well." Mark wanted to do a bio-pic on the whole Beatles band. But Rob talked him into doing a movie based on John Lennon.

Storytelling Style

Mark told Rob he wanted to do a new style of storytelling. He wanted to show every part of John Lennon's life, using no interviews, or anything. The ony thing heard is the voice of a narrator meant to sound like John Lennon. In the back, we see a slideshow of his life. At first, Rob feared that this was too easy. "Not only was it a cheap method, but i really wasn't directing as much as i was editing and placing pictures while using ProShow Gold. But most people would agree that it came out pretty good."

Mark had trouble trying to get funding. Mark told E!: "I went from studio to studio, just hoping for a big break. Suddenly, Warner Bros clinged to the idea."


The film was met with good reviews. New York Times said, "The film is very simple, yet complicated. Just like John Lennon. The film is sure to provoke sadness." Roger Ebert gave it a very controversial rating of 2 thumbs down. When asked why, he said, "I never said the film was bad. I just dislike how it trys to provoke feelings while using a simplistic way to tell the story." On Rotten Tomatoes, its has an 91 percent.


Mark has talked about working with Rob again on a new film. As of late, no sequel has been confirmed. But Rob does have ideas. "I really want to do a film on Kurt Cobain and The Doors. Mark hasn't talked to me about it just yet, but i have already started writing down ideas. Whether or no it'll be in the style of our John Lennon one hasn't been decided." Mark has denied Rob even talking about a sequel.

Dvd Release

The movie was released on dvd in 2008, in 2 versions: a rated version, and an unrated version with 15 minutes of new footage, and over an hour of special features, including a making-of, a short clay film by Rob, a look at John Lennon, and of course, some previews for other movies.

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