Final Mission of the Total Assault Trinity

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  • The opening cutscene picks up where the last one left off, and flows fluently from the previous level. From the blast, a shard is sent flying at Davian, and Ivy leaps in front of him, taking the hit right in the chest. Davian falls to his knees next to her, and Ivy says through coughs of blood, "I'll always be with you." She then dies and her hand unfolds and a Butterfly flies out of it. As Davian leans over her crying, the room changes atmosphere, it is bathed in light, and they find themselves on a platform overlooking a massive drop. They then notice three massive forms gazing down at them. They reveal themselves to be Harbingers, and that they are in the Harbinger ship, and that Davian has been selected to be something known as The Time Keeper of Eternity, or The Holy Bodhisattva. They say that he has no close friends left, and that he will be a perfect candidate, but Davian declines, saying that he has grown close to them. Then he looks over at the others and then down at Ivy. They then notice Cody convulsing violently. Jon then laughs, saying he will pay for his wrong decision. The three Harbingers vanish, leaving the 5 of them alone in the brightly lit room with Cody. Cody then grabs Jon's pistol and shoots himself, but then Jon begins to mutate, saying Davian will find that his greatest enemy, is his past. Jon then knocks Davian out and steals his Rocket Launcher after fully mutating, saying he will be a greater Juggernaut than Davian would ever dream of being. Taylor, Daniel, and Avisto all run at Jon, but Jon sends them flying, knocking 2 of them out, but Daniel is still lying awake, he then says, "Davian, you are a member of a brotherhood, show him the true fury of the Titans!" Daniel then passes out from blood loss, but not before sliding him the Fusion Cannon that Bogart dropped. Davian will then pick up the Fusion Cannon, and gameplay will commence one final time.
  • When fighting the new Demon Jon, take note he will utter statements like, "I will overpower you easily, I outweigh you by 400 pounds, bwahahaha!" or "Eat Rockets!", but they are deep, and sound more like growls. He runs fast and can kill you in one hit from either his tentacles or his rocket. You only need to take out his 3 Sensory Organs, sounds easy right? Wrong. These targets are small and hard to hit. Strafe and backpedal, avoiding him as much as possible. He is invincible everywhere else so don't even bother, and don't waste your ammo, you may have 7 more shots than usual, but do not abuse this they run out fast. Everytime you manage to land a hit on a Sensory Organ, he will get faster and more aggressive. Once he is down to the last organ he will adopt the ability to teleport, how he does this is unknown. Be on the lookout, because he is a sneaky devil. Avoid his rockets and then land the final hit on him. Once he is down, he will scream.
  • In this cutscene Jon will rise back up and run straight at Davian in rage. He will then roar and say Davian will die for what he has done. Davian will then be held up in the air, being choked to death by Jon, and Davian then manages to tell Jon he believes he has a good side, just fight it. Jon will then begin punching himself, and will then reach inside of his chest, and rip out the Daemon Spawn. Jon will return back to normal and Davian will collapse on the ground. Then, the Daemon Spawn leaps at Davian, but is then cut in half by an Ion Sword. Ivy then holds out her hand and helps Davian up. Davian asks if Jon is alright and he replies "ow." clinching his chest. He will get up and the 5 of them will gather up. Jon then says he is sorry about anything he says and that it wasn't him talking, he says he thinks Davian is a great Juggernaut. Davian accepts the apology and they look at Cody's body. Then the brightly lit room returns to the small hangar of the UEM Duality and the ship shakes violently. Ivy says the Daemons must have multiplied, and that they have to escape or they will die. Then a white portal opens and they step through and are teleported to another level of the ship.
  • When gameplay begins, run past all of the Spawn and run straight to the next teleporter you see. There are 16 runs with 32 teleporters to go through. Once you make it to the final escape deck, the final cutscene will play showing them escape on the ship, the ship blows up, and the ending scenarios are tied up, congrats, you have beaten The Trinity.

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