Jordan "Madman" Marcus (born. September 30th, 1974, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) is an American metal musician, best known as the lead singer of the American death metal band Morgue For Maria. He employs both melodic singing and deep death growls in his vocal style, having the rare ability to sing at high and low points.

Personal life

Jordan Troy Marcus was born in Atlanta, Georgia on September 30th 1974 to Troy Marcus and Katherine Marcus (maiden name Mathews), the second child after his elder brother Robert. In 1980, when Jordan was six his brother was killed in a motorcycle accident, barely sixteen years old. According to Jordan this fueled a lot of the anger in his life, and his father frequently abused Jordan and his other siblings after Robert's death.

After graduating high school in 1992, Jordan moved to Ohio and began playing in a few local extreme bands, most notably End of All, a local death metal band. His turbulent and aggressive live shows led to his hiring in local melodic death metal band Morgue For Maria in 1999 after original vocalist John Lambert's departure.

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