Josh 10: Kart Riders X
Beta Offical BoxArt
Developer(s) Ben 10 Fan Fiction Ineractive
Publisher(s) Sega


Distributor(s) Warner Bros.
Designer(s) MegaWikiJoshZ, Raiden X, WikiJosh8, Trouy2865
Series Josh 10 Sport Games Series
Engine Onebit Engine (WII/360/PS3/DS), Game Maker 8.1 Standard Edition (WIN)
Released February 20, 2011
Genre(s) Racing, Plat-Former
Mode(s) Grand Prix, Time Trails, VS, Team VS, Battle Race
Ratings ESRB: E


PEGI: 14+ (DS Version)

Platform(s) Wii, X-Box 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, X-Box, Microsoft Windows, Omni3D Soft Cast
Media Blank Hack Discs

Blank Hack Cartridges

System requirements Wii: Wii Wheel

X-Box 360: X-Wheel 360 (Blank Hacking System)

PlayStation 3: Analog PlayStation Move

Microsoft Windows: Windows XP/Windows 7

Nintendo DS: Moving Pad And Stylus

Josh 10: Kart Riders X is a tenth game in the Josh 10 Sport Games Series. This is now on X-Box 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Wii, Nintendo DS (Rated 14+) and it will be an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS.

Characters Edit

Basic Light-Weights Edit

Classic Yin Yapp

Classic Josh Mccoy

Kevin Levin Age 11

Julie Yamamoto Age 5

Unlockable Light-Weights Edit

Naaamah Age 3

Tiny Fairy Queen

Evil Nanomech


Basic Middle-Weights Edit

Josh Mccoy

Kevin Levin

Julie Yamamoto


Unlockable Middle-Weights Edit

Sonic The HedgeHog



May The Summoner

Basic Heavy-Weights Edit

Yin Yapp

Evil Josh

Dr. Vicktor


Unlockable Heavy-Weights Edit




Susan The Gargoylehunter

Races Edit

  • Hot Hot Road
  • IceFlame Road
  • Lightning Road
  • Galvanic Road
  • Ancient Road

Items Edit

  • Ballitrix
  • Triple Ballitrixes
  • Elesis Figure
  • Triple Elesis Figures
  • Mega Ballitrix
  • Runner Ballitrix (Debut)
  • Random Power Boxatrix (?) (Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • This Is A 4 Player Game.
  • In A Nintendo DS Version, It Is A 1 Player With Com Game.
  • This Racing Game Is Like Sonic The HedgeHog: FreeRiders & Lego Kart Racing.

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