a fan fiction episode of wayside



  • Todd
  • Maurecia
  • Dana
  • Myron
  • Rondi
  • Edward
  • Mrs Jewels
  • Principal Kidswatter
  • Eric
  • Eric
  • Eric
  • Louis
  • DeeDee
  • Leslie
  • Jenny
  • Fluffy
  • Stephen
  • Spunky


Kidswater's leaves his cell phone on the air vent and the vent breaks, unfortunately that vent leads to the fabled 19th floor, so he volunteers Todd, Maurecia, Dana, Myron, Edward, and Rondi to go to the 19th floor and retrieve the phone, and they devise a plan to get there without being noticed, Jenny, DeeDee, Leslie, and the three erics will pose as Maurecia, Dana, Rondi, Todd, Myron, and Edward, respectively, while 6 dolls take their places. But they still can't agree on how they should try to get there, then Edward tries to make a suggestion, but they keep ignoring , and after MYron ignores him, Edward yells at everyone to be quiet, and Kidswater believes there are ghosts in the vent. then Edward suggests that they make their fists all hug like, and charge at the wall, full speed, and they try it, and it works, and they see a dim corridor, and they have a little trouble finding their way around. Then they find thermselves in Miss Zarves' classroom, and find the cellphone,and meet the sinister Miss Zarves. Meanwhile the class hears that the 19th floor has been uncovered, so thet decide to take a field trip there. Eric sends a carrier pigeon to The 6 major characters, so they need to outsmart Miss Zarves then the 6 masquerades scurry away from the class, and they find them without their disguises, and see Todd, MAurecia, Dana, Myron, Edward, and Rondi running from Miss Zarves, then the class remembers that Mizz Zares likes extra sugary popcorn, so the class trick Miss Zarves into coming near the popcorn trap, and Maurecia punches the spring button, and trap Miss Zarves. and the class walk out unscathed, except for Miss Zarves' signature appearing on the back of Maurecia's helmet.


Mark Rendall as Todd

Denise Oliver as Maurecia, Jenny

Lisa Ng as Dana

Martin Vilafana as Myron

Candi Milo as Edward

Sarah Gadon as Rondi

Grey DeLeslie as Fluffy, DeeDee

Kath Soucie as Leslie

Terry McGurrin as Eric

Peter Oldring as Eric

Lee Tockar as Eric

Kedar Brown as Principal Kidswater

Sergio Di Zio as Louis

Kathleen Lasky as Mrs. Jewels

Julie Lemieux as Miss Zarves


  • Edward and Rondi are seen holding hands, foreshadowing a relationship
  • This is the 1st time, since the pilot, in which Maurecia has red hair
  • The plot in this episode is similar to the Shuriken School episode, Lousy LAbarynth

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