a fan fiction episode of Fanboy and Chum Chum




Chum Chum







Mr. Mufflin


YO is seen playing with her digital pet dog, Doinkerz, and decieds to let a pal of Doinkerz' come hava a playdate with Doinkerz, but while the usb is in place, Doinkerz makes an escape,

yo manages to pull the cord bak out, but by then, it's too late. Yo threatens to greound Doinkerz, but they both realize that Yo can't ground Doinkers when he's in Yamagutchia, so yo enlists the help of Fanboy, Chum Chum, and Oz to get to Yamagutchia, and retrieve Doinkerz. Lucky for them, Oz creates a static animator machine, that he "borrowed" from another show, and sets it in reverse and sends, Fanboy, Chun Chum, and Yo the center of Yamagutchia, the palace city to be exact. But they still need to figure out a way to find Doinkerz, Yo remembers that Doinkerz' voice is very loud, so Oz sends them a sound wave detector, all they have to do is find the ludest digital pet voice within a 13 mile radius and they'll find Doinkerz. Meanwhile, Doinkerz overhears their ploy, and runs to the palace building, where he meets another runaway digital dog named Rhonda, and at the sight of her, howls, and is picked up by the sound wave detector, then Doinkerz sees them coming over the horizon, and runs waay with Rhonda to marry.

Time Card: 1 day later

Fanboy, Chum Chum, and Yo see Doinkerz and Rhonda married with kids, and the new royal family, and after a quick chat, Yo unanimously decides that Doinkerz will be happier here, and gets one of the pupppies as a gift, and Oz puts the static animator back in drive and brings, Fanboy, Chum Chum, and Yo back to the real realm, along with Allison (YO's new digital puppy) and allison is runnig around the shop until the static animator is hooked up to the Yamagutchi case, and put in reverse once again, and Allison is sent to the case


David Hornsby as Fanboy

Nika Futterman as Chum Chum

Diana Liyu as Yo

Josh Duhamel as Oz

Dee Bradley Baker as Doinkerz, Rhonda, Allison, Digital Chicken, Digital Birds, digital gators, digital hamsters


  • Doinkerz is the second digital pet to be free of Yo's own, the 1st was scampers (though scampers appearently has retruned to Yo as she is seen with him in the episode, Saving Private Chum Chum (go to wikipedia)
  • This episode take place before saving private chum chum
  • 1st (and possibley last ) appearence: Doinkerz, Rhonda
  • In universe, this is the 2nd/3rd appearence of Scampers

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