They Want Us Dead For A Reason. Those Holy Disciples, Those Angels.. They have selected for you, me, Daniel, Walter, Jennifer and Gina to die.

Julian explains the situation to Whitney.

Julian Scott is a main protagonist alongside Whitney Timer in Quentin Tararntino'sThy Kingdom Come portrayed by

Julian Scott
Leo dicaprio1 300 400
The American Businessman
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family Scott Family- Florida
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 182 cm
Affiliation Businessman and Women of Catillac Law Firm,

Whitney Timer, Daniel Bishop, Walter Foreman, Gina Truman, Jennifer Morianis, Castiel (Assigned Angel), Michael, Annabelle, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Zachariah, Islamic Terrorists

Weapons Castiel's Angel Knives (Stolen from Castiel by Julian in the battle at Pryor Rock).
Species Homosapien (Human)
Home Fort Myers, Florida
Appearances Thy Kingdom Come 2012
Quests None
Performer None
Leonardo DiCaprio.


Julian Scott was born on September 24th, 1978 in Fort Myers, Florida to Mildren and Able Scott.

He had attended the fictional Wakton High School and Reyburton Business College going on to become a succesful businessman at Catillac Law Firm Florida Branch, serving as a businessman for the lawyors there from 2000 to 2012.

Thy Kingdom Come

Julian Scott along with bestfriends Able Dallas and Clara Stearwell were dispatched by their company Catillac Law to London, England to close a business transaction with two struggling to immigrate Islamic clients.

Julian soon after arriving in London however finds himself aligned with a group of five American Youths vacationing in London who are about to graduate from the same high school he did, Wakton High School.

The alignment occurs as six of God's Holy Angels are dispatched to Earth to eliminate him and the five youths as they will somehow cause a very large disaster in London which will escalate out of control bringing on the worst war the world will ever face.

The disaster is discovered by Julian and the others to be due to the deal he will make with the Islamic clients who are actually indeed Islamic Terrorists pushing forth a covered up contract enabling them the renting rights to the historical Big Ben Clocktower of London which they will blow up and cause to collapse upon the London Bridge and millions of people.

Julian strikes somewhat of a bond with the teen group leader Whitney Timer whom he fights to keep alive and succeeds at doing so in a final confrontation with all of Gods' dispatched angels on the fictional Pryor Rock situated in Liverpool.

He however is only to save himself and Whitney from the heavenly angels as unfortunatley the other four youths' lives are claimed.

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