Jumper: Armed Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, film Starring By Carla Macvicar..,,

Jumper: Armed
Directed by Doug Liman (director)

Tony Gilroy (co-director)

Produced by Frank Marshall
Written by Doug Liman (writer)

Frank Marshall (writer by)

Screenplay by
Story by
Based on Jumper (novels) (based by book)
Starring Carla Macvicar

Scotty Moore Jr.

Music by James Newton Howard (music by)
Editing by
Production company(s) Universal Studios (U.S)
Distributor Warner Bros Pictures

Davis Entertainment

Release date(s)
Running time
Gross revenue
Preceded by
Followed by Jumper 2 (Cancelled)
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  • Giovanni Swaby as teenage Cassidy (rumored)
  • Terry Pennyworth as young Cass (mentioned) Darlee's Son.

Cassidy's mother.

  • Chloe Walter as Betty (rumored) Lover of Cassidy.
  • Derlis Swaby Mayo as David Rice (rumored) Cassidy's blood relation and Father.
  • Roger Swaby Sr. as Nolberto/Agent Johnson (villain) enemy of Jumpers and Cassidy.
  • Quinton Ebanks as JP Brock (rumored) Cassidy's Eldery Cousin and Rival.
  • Junior Peart as Brett (rumored)..,, ally of Cassidy.
  • Lewin Solomon Jr. as Frankie (rumored) Anti-Bully of Cassidy.
  • Nolberto Swaby as Quinton (rumored) Cassidy's Art Teacher and Surrogate Father.
  • Lewin Solomon Sr. as Griffin Bevis (rumored) Friend of Cassidy.
  • Carla Bodden as Sarah Levine (cameo; ending scene) Cassidy's Adult Sister.
  • Erickson Brown as Nathan (rumored) Cassidy's Brother and part of Jumpers.
  • Unknown Actor as Riggle Downey (archive footage)

Uncredited Casts

  • Jasser Camacho as Jorge Levine (Uncredited) Cassidy's Long Lost Uncle.
  • Harvey Swaby as Nicky Rebb (Uncredited) Cassidy's Far-Cousin.
  • Nolberto Swaby (stunts double) as Brett (Uncredited) JP's Real Dad.
  • Celment Swaby as Professor Jamie (uncredited) Cassidy's Teacher.

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