Jurassic Park IV is an upcoming 2013 Science Fiction Action Adventure Sequel Thriller film written by Michael Crichton and directed by Joe Johnson. It is the fourth instalment in the
famous Jurassic Park franchise and is scheduled for a February 18th 2013 release in theaters everywhere.

It stars Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Isabel Lucas, C. Thomas Howell, James Early Jones, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Katie Cassidy, Monica Keena, Cam Gigandet, Vaughn Wilson, Chris O'Donnell, Nick Swardson and Nicky Whelan.

It is produced by Prehistoric Park producers Karen Kelly and Dennis McNicholas as well as story drafted out by Prehistoric Park writer Chris Henchy whom's overral film idea draft was the reason the film entered production.

The film spent nine years in planning and as of 2011 got the go ahead from the newly forged Universal subbordinate company Universal Orlando as well as Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment.

The legendary Steven Spielberg who helmed the directors chair of the first two instalments of the series and served as an executive producer for the third returns on again as an executive producer for the fourth instalment alongside Jurassic Park III actor William H. Macy.

The fourth instalment like the fourth Scream Instalment and fifth Final Destination Instalment is intended as the starter of a new series of the already existing franchise.

Full Screenplay writer of the film Michael Crichton along with Steven himself, Karen Kelly and Dennis McNicholas intend the fourth film to be the starter of a new Jurassic Park trilogy (much like Scream 4 is the starter of a new Scream trilogy).

The film apart from the many high done sets for the Universal Orlando Resort was filmed in Kern River, California and El Mirage Dry Lake two locations which served as filming locations for the third film as the Jurassic Park Island's overral location was filmed at these places.

To coincide with the theatrical release of the film a LEGO Video game of the four current Jurassic Park films was released bearing the tenative title LEGO Jurassic Park.



Plot- SummaryEdit

Jurassic Park has been re-opened 13 years following the events of the third film.

All the dinosaurs whom inhabited the island.. have died out.

However an ambitious quadron of six archeologists recover the second and only other prehistoric and preserved mosquito which has consumed the blood of the age old dinosaurs.

From this the prehistoric beasts have been remade and set up on the island as the new Jurassic Park safari park has been built soon to be open to the world.

Two of the six Jurassic Park reinstators however die at the hands of a newly created dinosaur which from there is enclosed in a deep lockdown in the remade reconstituted park.

The Infamous Dr. Alan Grant of the first film and Dr. Ellie Satler grapple with Dr. Grant's teenage daughter Lara Grant setting off to the famously remade and re-opened Jurassic Park along with her secret boyfriend, bestfriend and various other teen friends.

Dr. Grant and Ellie whom had both had booked a flight to the island before-hand to attempt to have the re-opened park closed must now head there anyway to save Alan's daughter from potentially falling prey along with her friends to the dangerous primeval beasts which have been brought back to life.

However Lara along with the others participate in a stupid break in prank after being given a brief tour of the Park's working facilities and being told to head off and wait till the park's actual official opening.

One of the youths silly behaviour results in a malfunctioning accident and all the brought back to life recently enclosed dinosaurs escaping their enclosures onto the island itself.

As the body count rises and Dr. Alan and Dr. Ellie come to the teenage gang and what remains of the Jurassic Park Staff they find there is a bigger threat then just the average T-Rex, Raptor and other Carnivore dinosaurs but rather the specially created dinosaur from the start which was sealed up tight but now has been unleashed.

The dinosaur is both a Tyrannosauras Rex and Spinosauras combined in one.

Escaping the island itself also ends with being just as being big issue as the fiends they're facing as all legions of the United States Goverment seal up all sea bound or air bound escape routes from the large island mass.

A secret sacrificial island society reveals itself and claims Lara as a sacrifice to an original Tyrannsaurus Rex and Spinosaurus whom as Lara is strung up on a long rope take to the pursuing Spinotyrannsaurus making the mutant creature meet it's end.


  • Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant
  • Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler
  • James Earl Jones as Sir Martin T.T Abrahams
  • Eddie Murphy as Assistant Peters
  • Martin Lawrence as Assistant Corbin
  • Mila Kunis as Lara Grant
  • Katie Cassidy as Jennifer Harting
  • Isabel Lucas as Olivia Newton-Mayston
  • Eve as Matilda Valento
  • Aisha Dee as Danisha Valento
  • Cam Gigandet as Dean Robertson
  • Vaughn Wilson as Jesse Casablanca
  • C. Thomas Howell as Markus Gilbert
  • Nick Swardson as Dean Menning
  • William Peterson as General Morvin Lancaster
  • Chris O'Donnell as Louis Salter
  • Nicky Whelan as Claire Kellans

The Third OliviaEdit

Michael Crichton in creation of Jurassic Park IV it's story and characters created a sexy tanned teen character by the name of Olivia Newton-Mayston whom is a victim character in the film courtesy of two velociraptors in the film. The character was made in a deliberate homage to the Scream 4 and Final Destination 5 victim characters Olivia Morris and Olivia Castle.

As the two Olivias from those films were allegory sexy attractive characters whom met grisly ends.

The Olivia of Jurassic Park IV is much like those Olivias and meets a similiar grisly demise.

She is portrayed by the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen sexy temptress Decepticon actress Isabel Lucas.


  • Kaprosuchus: A large wide prehistoric crocodile and the first Jurassic Crocodile to appear in the series. It has it's own special enclosure within Jurassic Park which is never seen and appears in the film in the sequence where Lara and the others come to the Jurassic Birds Enclosure. It kills the teen jerk character Markus Gilbert
  • Archeopteryx: Small sized prehistoric birds which can strip a human of their flesh within a second, faster then a piranha can. They kill the character Dean Menning as the group come the enclosure and the Kaprosuchus appears and kills Markus Gilbert.

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