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The Jutice Avengers of America (JAA) is a team of superheroes is the New Amaglam Universe. It is a fusion of DC's Justice League of America and Marvel's Avengers.

Starting Members

-Solarman (DC's Superman/Marvel's Cyclops)

-Dark Knight (DC's Batman/Marvel's Moon Knight)

-Invisible Wonder (DC'S Wonder Woman/Marvel's Invisible Woman)

-Gladiator Manhunter (DC's Martian Manhunter/Marvel's Gladiator)

-Iron Arrow (DC's Green Arrow/Marvel's Iron Man)

-Aqua-Mariner (DC's Aquaman/Marvel's Namor the Sub-Mariner)

-Agent America (DC's Agent Liberty/Marvel's Captain America)

-Green Thunderer (DC's Hal Jordan/Marvel's Shang-Chi, Thunderer)

-Speed Demon (DC's Barry Allen/Marvel's Daredevil)

-Colonel James Fury (DC's Commisioner Gordon/Marvel's Nick Fury)

Later Members

-Lantern Fist (DC's Kyle Rayner/Marvel's Iron Fist) (replaced Green Thunderer when he was possesed by Par A Llax)

-God of Thunder (DC's Thor/Marvel's Thor, Thundra)

-Hornet (DC's Bumblebee/Marvel's Wasp)

-Shrinking Giant (DC's Shrinking Violet/Marvel's Henry Pym)

-Mister Wonder (DC's Steve Trevor/Marvel's Mister Fantastic)

-Tigris (DC's Priscilla Rich, Doctor Barbara Ann Minerva/Marvel's Tigra) (Was Werecheetah as a spy for Frightful Inc.)

-Hawkeye Arrow (DC's Connor Hawke/Marvel's Hawkeye)

-Zzzax Lightning (DC's Black Lightning/Marvel's Zzzax)

-Hulkbuster (DC's Block Buster/Marvel's Hulk)

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