Justin Warren is a young, brown-eyed, brown-haired teenager from an Alternate Earth similar to Mina's except the Empire never existed, because of the existence of the Order of the Shambala, a group as ancient as the Jedi Knights who use the Force, but in different ways.

When he was old enough, Justin and his younger brother Jason entered the Republic's Force Academy to become Masters like their father, they trained under Shambala Master Enabrirn Tain, the greatest master of all time, Justin and Tain had a father/son relationship, while Jason had fun and went out with girls, Justin studied and trained hard. His brother became trapped under the Dark Side of the Force, seeking the quick and easy path. After he tried to kill Tain, Jason used their worlds’ Sliding technology to escape.

A few months later, The Kromagg Dynasty found Justin's Earth, and enslaved it, Justin was held prisoner on Earth 113 for weeks, Tain came and rescued him, but during the escape with other prisoners, Tain took a laser blast ment for Justin, and died, Justin was heartbroken, his parents had died during the invasion, and now Tain was gone along with his brother, He vowed to destroy the Kromaggs and for 5 years he wandered the Multiverse serching for the answer.

His life changed when he sensed the pain of Mina Skywalker through the Force as he approached the Earth she was on, He went ot her and together they destroyed the Kromagg attempting to control her body. Upon meeting her, Justin fell in love, but hide his true feelings out of fear, because of the deaths of his parents and Tain, and the loss of Jason to the Dark Side, but when Commander Jke'gad almost killed Mina on Earth 113, Justin told her that he loved her, and he learned she loved him too, together they freed Justin's brother Jason from the dark side, and now join Mina's friends in their mission to stop the Kromaggs forever.

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