Kill bill 3 is an upcoming 2018 movie directed by quientin tarrantino and starring uma thurman,daryl hannah,julie dreyfus,ambrosia kelly,perla haney-jardine,zooey deshanel,rhianna,tatsuya fujiwara,aki maeda,micheal parks,claire smithies,cloe mortz,jessica alba,camren diez,sonny chiba,gordan lui,michelle phipher,kelly hu,and chiaki kuriyama


Uma thurman-beatrix kiddo/the bride

daryl hannah-ellie driver

julie dreyfus-sofie fatale

ambrosia kelly-nikki green

perla haney jardine-b.b. kiddo

kelly hu-yuki yubari

zooey deshanel-crystal


tatsuya fujiwara-takashi kumari

aki maeda-otsuru kumari

micheals parks-estaban viheo

claire smithes-clarita

cloe mortz-lisa wong

helen kim-karen

jesiica alba-seargant zoey

micheal parks-earl mc graw

cameron diez-princibal hargus

sonny chiba-hattori hanzo

gordan lui-pai mai

michelle phipher-kin kiddo

chiaki kuriyama-gogo yubari(archive footage and falsh-backs)

lucy lui-o-ren ishii(flashbacks)

vivica a fox-vernita green(flash backs and archive footage)

gordan lui-johnny mo(archive footage)


After killing bill,the bride(uma thurman),and her daughter,bb kiddo(perla haney jardine) find a nice condo,and live there.meanwhile,ellie driver(daryl hannah),is left completeley blind by the bride,elllie kills the black mamba she had left for budd,and other flashback,the bride kills vernita green(vivica a fox),and her daughter,nikki(ambrosia kelly),swears revenge on beatrix the final flahback,sofie fatale(julie dreyfus) whos arm had been choppped of by the bride,wittnessed the deaths of o-ren ishii(lucy lui),gogo(chiaki kuriyama),johnny mo(gordan lui),and the crazy 88s.sofie is left in the hospital after being left by bill(david carridine),andvows revenge on betrix kiddo.sofie goes to every vipers known locatios,first,she finds yuki yubari(kelly hu),and gogos mother,who is equally deadly as her fallen,she finds nikki,who joins her.budd is dead,so she finds ellie on the side of the road,and saves her.bill is dead,because sofie receaved a letter from the bride telling her that.

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