KaizokuRedJoker was the special form fo KaizokuRed who given by Samuel who in Beast 4th form. The first accessed when Samuel in Beast 4th form encourage his son to defeat Fatal Frame ghosts.


After Dillain crying run away from Kirie and close the closet, his dream reappeared and meet his father who in Beast 4th form. Samuel encourage his son to defeat the ghosts and give him the new gift. As she found him, Dillain change into new KaizokuRed form knowns KaizokuRedJoker named by Dillain. He able strong enough to defeat Kirie, Sae Kurosawa and Reika Kuze with Final Wave Slash and Final Wave Shoot. Unfortunately, his form was defeated by Sakuya Haibara. Encourage by him, DIllain finally overwhelmed his fears and insert and activates Aoisentaisabgun then transformed into Extra Final Form called KaizokuRed ZeedJoker Mode.

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