Name: Kakashi Hatake

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Rank: Jonin, Former Black op, Jinchuriki

Relatives: Sakumo Hatake (Father), Sakiyo Hatake (Desceased Mother), Kairi Hatake (Older Sister), Nagato Hatake (Desceased Older brother)


Kakashi is a member of the Leaf village and sensi of squad 7. He is also fromer member Team Minato. Due to his Sharingan, he is known as Copy Ninja Kakashi.

Childhood: Edit

When Kakashi was born, he had no chakra and was going to die. But Sakiyo gave Kakashi all her chakra and died. But later that night, Kakashi transform into the Ten thousand-tailed bird and caused little destruction thank to Sakumo sealing it away. But the Hatakes grew much hatred for Kakashi due to the death of their beloved princess. So Kakashi was pretty much neglected and all his childhood

Kakashi as a kid

Kakashi as a kid

Kakashi was placed into Team Minato and right away Minato knew something was wrong. He later found out that Kakashi was shunned by his clan and challenged Sakumo to a duel but lost. Kakashi later was found crying by Sakiyo's grave and was comforted by Minato. He found Minato to be a father figure. He loved being around Obito and Rin. But sadly when sent on a misson during the third shinobi war, Kakashi lost his eye and Obito died. But later on, Nagato surgically placed Obito's left eye into Kakashi's and went on to kill his whole clan leaving Kakashi an orphan and placed into the hands of Danzo.

Kakashi in his teen years

Danzo knowing that Kakashi was a jinchuriki, placed him into hard core training. This resulted in giving Kakashi the pleasure to kill. He was known as Blood Red Kakashi throughout the world. He showed no emotion if one of his comrades die. Once in awhile Kakashi goes into a killing frenzy and ends up needing a whole squad of black ops to calm him down. This began to concern Black Op Leader so he began to pressure the Third hokage about making Kakashi retire. But Danzo kept Black Op Leader silent. One mission that Kakashi was given was to destroy the Fire Village. As he did this, Kakashi went into one house that held two kids and a mother. Kakashi forced himself to kill them but he went to Danzo and demanded to retire. After this, he went on to work on becoming a jonin and member of society.

Kakashi's role in the series:Edit

Kakashi is one the main protagonists along with Isabel Weathers, Darren Weathers, Sakumo Hatake, Kairi Hatake, Keila Nala, and Choji Akimichi. He is currently now living in the hokage mansion with his father as ordered by Isabel. He used to live in a apartment all by himself but it was destroyed when Darren shot a missile at it. He also afraid of his father too and screams like a girl whenever Sakumo is around. He is also emotionally unstabled and has weird dreams involving Isabel being snoop dog.



Kakashi sharingan
Kakashi's most distinguishing ability is his sharingan. It allows him to copy any technique used against, see through any deception, give hypnotic suggestions, perform genjutsu, and predict his opponent's movements. It seems he can go on a limited amount of time while revealing his sharingan.

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