Kelly (left) and Kal (right)

Kal and Kelly are Dexter and DeeDee's 7 year old troublemaking twin cousins. Kelly is the older twin by 8 minutes


Kelly wears a black dress everywhere she goes, except at night when she wears a purple nightdress with white polka dots. Kelly also has light blonde hair and light fuschia eyes , and at the pool, she wears a blue waterproof dress under ger swimsuit. and in 1 episode, she wore a sparkly party dress, which did get her some attention from her crush, Douglas

Kal weaers a blue sweatshirt and sweatpants during the day, a white pajama shirt and pants at night (when he's sleeping), and ocean blue swim trunks at the pool or at the beach. Kal also has blonde hair and light fuschia eyes, identical to her twin sister, Kelly.


Similar to Dexter, Kelly is also a kid genius, and skipped into 5th grade, how Kal slipped into 5th grade was a mystery until it was revealed that Kelly changed Kal's grades so he'd be in the same grade as her. Unlike Dexter, Kelly has an evil personality

Kal seems tio be stupid, but Kell changed Kal's grades so he'd be in the 5th grade with Kelly


One night, when Kal and Kelly spent the night at Dexter's, Kelly snuck into the lab (while dragging Kal with her). and gave the both of them superopwers

  • Manipulation-the ability to manipulate your body into fantastic shapes and forms
  • Flight-self explanatory
  • super strength-self explanatory
  • Fire Breath (Kelly)
  • Freezy Breath (Kal)
  • Regeneration-Kal and Kelly's limbs grow back in the event that one of them gets cut off

The one to use their powers most frequently is Kelly


Troublemakers (debut)

New Girl in Town (without Kelly)

The Rivals of Kal and Kelly


  • Kal and Kelly's debut appearence was in the nickelodeon version of Dexter's Laboratory
  • Kelly bears similarities to Heloise from Jimmy Two Shoes, both in appearence and Personality
  • Kelly and Kal having stretchability may be an homage to the season 2 episode, Now That's a stretch
  • Kal can be smart on some occasions
  • Kal and Kelly are both voiced by Tara Strong
  • Kelly has a crush on Dexter's friend, Douglas
  • Kal has a crush on the hotel heiress, Gee Gee
  • Whenever Kelly goes into a love daze, a portion of the song, Rude Boy, is played
  • Whenever Kal goes into a love daze, a portion of the son, Crazy In Love, is played
  • a spin-off series centering on Kal and Kelly has been conceived

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