Name: Kamina Mikami

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Crest: Fire

Kana: Tepig


Kamina was the original deputy soul reaper before Ichigo Kurosaki was. Kamina himself volunteered to be the first Royal because his family disgraced him for being a soul reaper.



Tepig and his forms



Kakiame (Fire Rain)

(Kakiame 'Fire Rain')

Kakiame has the ability to burst out fire at a single slash of the sword. It can also throw a ball of fire into the air and make it rain fire. Kakiame can also put out fire by absorbing it.

Sokyoku by AJOAnimeFan

Kakiame Hou-ou (Fire Rain Pheonix)

(Kakiame Hou-ou 'Fire Rain Pheonix')

It transforms into a pheonix made up of flames and can be controlled by Kamina's body movement.

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