Kay Lee
Universe Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Race Selkie
Gender Female
Style Wolfie
Trade Merchant
Age 16 (at beginning of story)
Hometown Riyu
Family Yi Lana (mother), Jin Fir (father)

Kay Lee is a fan character in the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles universe. She plays a starring role in Pen and Paper alongside Hailey, Roc, and Set Kil. She is a bit of a flirt, which causes Set Kil to fall for her. Eventually, the two begin dating.

Character Design


Kay Lee's main "hobby" is drawing attention to herself. She is very creative and designs her own clothes for her family's store. Her mischief often gets her into trouble, but her agility gives her the ability to steal items from enemies (and sometimes friends) to sell at the store. She is also described as "flirty" and enjoys getting attention from boys.

Battling Style

Kay Lee is very sneaky in battle and can strike enemies with such quickness that they rarely know who their attacker is before they are killed. Usually, before killing a monster, she steals an item from it, if possible. Set Kil has taught her some magic, but she prefers to fight enemies close-up rather than from far away.