Kayne Victor Williams (born. 1984- ) is the bassist from the Australian metalcore/death metal band Red Rose For Ruby (band), and its predecessor band Hellfire.

Music career

Williams was born in Melbourne on the 4th of June 1984 and began playing bass at age 10. He joined Hellfire in 2000 with Michael Serea and Jake Bordeau, and recommended his friend Josh Baker as a drummer, who joined in 2001. After Bordeau’s death in 2005 Williams said that he would stay with the band, and he and the others began to search for another guitarist, ending with the current band setup. Williams' says that like Serea draws inspiration from a certain emotion or event in his lyrics for each album, he does with his bass. Williams' says that bass has become natural to him, and that if he sees a bass line in a song he likes he will take inspiration from it for RRFR's songs. In an interview in 2007 following Burying My Beloved’s commercial Australian release, Williams explained where he gets his style of playing from:

“I draw my riffs and style from many of the bassists from Metallica, as well as the ominous bass from My Dying Bride, a personal favourite band of mine. After Mike writes the lyrics he shows me they and I decide whether an ominous style or a more upbeat one suits the certain song. On darker tracks like the Guilt and Her Body My Gun I lean towards more deep and brooding sounds, and try to make it fit with Adriana’s guitar playing and Josh’s hushed drums, along with Mike’s screaming or deep vocals. Most of my bass lines can hardly be heard in the songs unless its solos.”

Car accident

In 2007 Williams was in a car accident in Melbourne, but survived with a broken arm. The band was scheduled for their series of shows, and as he was unable to play Michael Serea played in his stead. Reviews stated that Serea’s is not as good as Williams’, but it still breathes ominous and dark like Williams’ bass playing. By the time of the last show Williams was fully recovered and returned to playing bass.

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