Keera Jada Victoria McCullough is a werewolf enslaved centuries ago by Xenocrates Bastier in return for the release of her then-captive family. Cursed with perpetual youth in the 1300s, Keera has frequently visited Taff's Well to meet her family in the McCullough Residence, and has unwillingly assisted in many of Xenocrates's dark and evil plans.

Recently, Xenocrates was contained in a crypt. He sent a message to Keera magically telling her to free him. To do this, she turned invisible and sneaked into the house of the Roberts-Hughes family, but Llewellyn Hughes had a vision of this and, with Anthony Roberts, went downstairs. She proceeded to possess Llewellyn and demanded that Anthony tell her the location of the crypt, ensuing a brief battle. Keera finally used knowledge-extraction magic to locate it, and then set Xenocrates free. This released her from the curse and she and Anthony then re-trapped Xenocrates. She then died.


  • Invisibility: Keera, initially a witch before her cursing, possesses the power to make herself invisible. This enables her to sneak and spy undetected.
  • Possession: Ever since her cursing, Keera has been able to possess others. This was granted to her by Xenocrates in the 1300s.
  • Knowledge-extraction: Another power granted by Xenocrates was the power to magically extract knowledge and memories. She used this on Anthony Roberts to locate the crypt.

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