The Kerrari Empire was a range of expanding kingdoms ruled by viceroys who reported to a single King.It spanned many oceans and was one of the largest empires under the Lori Regime, which was the biggest protectorate nation of the land. The Kerrari Empire was repeatedly attacked by the heralds of the Jeroboam Scion, which lacked a leader but had garnished a notable army which was feared by the many denizens of the Contigent.A notable King of the Kerrari Empire was Nerdra Renall, a feared warlord who would pass the throne to his son Deseter Renall so that he could campaign against the Red Knight Legion. He perished in the ambush at the Nordic Falls, but effectively ended the threat of the Red Knight Legion by killing the leader, Niendus. After his fathers death, Deseter, going against his cowardly nature, relinquished his ties to the Lori Regime and began to expand the territories of the Kerrari empire into Triunlnd using his navy. When he was also killed, Erin, was named King by the Kerrari Circular Council. This ended the Renall Royal Line and began the Erineous Royal Line line, see Kerrari Line of Succession . Under Erin, The Kerrari Empire, with the aid of the Jeroboam Scion, defeated the Lori Regime and cemented control over Contigent.