Kill Bill Volume 4 is a 2015 American Revenge Action film and volume sequel to Kill Bill Vol.3.

It is the last instalment in the Bride Franchise and to be last film produced by the Quentin Tarantino company a Band Apart.

The film is to be written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and star Uma Thurman, Ambrosia Kelly, Daryl Hannah, Sonny Chiba, Rooney Mara, Chloe Moretz, David Carradine, Robert Rodriquez, Michael Parks, Vivica A.Fox, Gordon Liu, Nicholas Cage, Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Alba, Julie Benz, Eli Roth and Michelle Galdenzi.


The film picks off where the third volume ended with Nikkita Bell having offed the first two on her death list: Sofie Fatale and Karen Kim and arriving in the island of Okinawa Japan to eliminate her third: Hattori Hanzo.

The film before showing the battle that follows after Hanzo discovers Nikkita in his Sushi Store Attic it shows Vernita Green with Beatrix in the jungles of South America pitted against a ruthless pursuing Ni-Nazi army who'se leader was a target assigned to the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.

It also goes on to show how Vernita saved Beatrix's life down there in the jungle and how each member was codenamed after a snake Bill had gone and bought whilest they were on their team assignments.

The next section of flashback sequence shows Elle Driver after having her right eye plucked out by Beatrix in Budd's Camper having to feel her way out and in the process on sense have to kill the Black Mamba snake she had planted to kill Budd.

It shows her feel for Budd's mobile and dial the ambulance which comes and takes her to the same hospital where Beatrix was checked into after the Massacre at Two Pines.

Beatrix comes to the hospital whistling the same tune Elle did when she camed to kill Beatrix in her sleep.

Beatrix before setting out tells B.B she has one more thing to do that is very important and there will be no more coming home late.

Beatrix however upon entering Elle's hospital room to off her in the same way she had intended to do her whilest she was in coma feels guilty and strained and leaves thinking of her daughter.

Elle from there is soon checked into an emergency corneal double transplant which gives her both her eyes back.

The eyes given to her are that off Jasper the trucker of whom Beatrix had killed at the hospital 12 years ago upon waking from acoma.

It is revealed that they had removed Jasper's eyes in the morgue upon his death and kept them in storage as they did not decompose.

Upon study it was revealed Jasper as a unique condition in which his organs could not be destroyed.

Elle inherit's Jaspers eyes and then plans her eye for an eye revenge on Beatrix.

The third and final flashback sequence before we are taken to Hattori Hanzo and Nikkita's fight is Nikkita at age four walking up to her room as instructed by her mother.

She sits in front of bedroom mirror staring at the reflection of her eyes.

She hears her mother and Beatrix talking and then tip-toes back downstairs and into the hallway leading into the kitchen.

She takes scene of her mother pulling out a cereal box and then following a laugh firing a blast towards Beatrix.

She then sees Beatrix kick her coffee cup at her and then finish by her spiralling a knife at her chest.

The final part of this scene shows Vernita in her final breath look past Beatrix over at Nikkita.

And then the scene takes up back to Hanzo's attic.

Hanzo spirals a Baseballs at Nikkita.

The first he spirals is cut in half by Nikkita and the second goes right past her into the wall.

Nikkita and Hanzo then engage in conversation and as the conversation ends as they're about to engage in battle the Bald Man comes upstairs and shotgun fires at Nikkita.

Nikkita propells from her chair and causes the trapdoor that he is positioned at into the attic to close which crushes his head and then decapitates him.

As Nikkita is briefly distracted by her kill Hattori advances her with a Hattori Hanzo sword.

The two fight which causes great destruction to the attic and in the end Nikkita kills Hanzo with the Hattori Hanzo sword she had stolen from Bill's Grave.

She then proceeds to direct her aim to the second last on her list Elle.

She is tricked into following Elle to the cemetary where the grave of Paula Schultz is.

There Elle who has dug up the grave puts her in after knocking her unconsious and prepares to bury her alive like Beatrix was previously done in the same grave by Budd.

Nikkita however escapes from the grave as a large rainstorm hits the cemetary and floods the gravewhich sends Nikkita up to the surface.

Nikkita then does battle with Elle with her Hattori Hanzo sword she stole from Bill's Grave and Elle does battle with the Hattoru Hanzo sword she picked up from Budd following her battle with Beatrix which she also previously used to kill the Black Mamba snake she had brought there.

Budd's former bar manager Larry happens to be in the cemetary too in a parked car having sex with the stripper Rocket who had worked in the bar.

They see the fight and Rocket urges Larry to intervene.

Larry drives his car the girls which launches them into the air in opposite directions.

Nikkita gets to her feet first and jumps over to Elle who kicks her in the shins right in front of the flooded pit grave which Nikkita upon falling into pulls Elle into too.

Elle gets the upper hand while battling half-deep in the muddy water of the grave.

But a lighting strike sees the large crucifix tombstone which was renovatingly built over Paula's grave fall on top of Elle's head.

Nikkita then holds her Hattori Hanzo sword up against Elle's face in the same similiar way Beatrix did to her in Budd's camper.

Elle however fails to push off like she did last time and Nikkita pulls it across which slices across both her eyes and around her face.

Nikkita then gets out of the grave and heads over to Larry's car.

She punishes Larry for trying to intervene in what was her unfinished buisness.

Her punishment involves her pulling out a small bottle of super glue and sticking Larry's hands to the wheel.

She then starts the car and allows it to drive roll over to the flooding pit.

We then see Nikkita as she heads to Esteban Vihaio where she has stolen Beatrix' former vehicle the Pussy Wagon and smashes it through the small outdoor bar where Esteban and his prostitutes are at.

The prostitutes engage in battle with her and Nikkita kills them all, one stand out being the prostitute Clarita who has a cleft lip pallet and was introduced in Vol. 2 is killed via Nikkita putting half her arm down her throat and then pulling it out again.

She demands Esteban tell her where to find Beatrix Kiddo.

Esteban tells her as she went and killed Bill who was a like a son to him.

He however upon telling her realizes she was child when she coming back from Bill's and stopped to tell him where she would be.

Esteban then pulls out a machine gun and begins firing at Nikkita.

Nikkita takes cover behind the bar and then pops out from behind the bench throwing her Hattori Hanzo sword at him.

She comes over and pushes it completely through his chest and then withdraws it.

The final sequence of the movie then begins as Nikkita comes to El Passo Texas and makes a brief pit-stop at the Two Pines Wedding Chapel.

She then comes to Tommy Plympton's used record store which Beatrix now owns and pifts a rock through the door window onto the counter.

On the rock is a note reading: "Coming to See You."

Beatrix then rushes back home to B.B and tells her that she is run away and pack all her things as an old friend of mommy's will be coming along.

They have a tearful goodbye as B.B eventually listens to her mother and prepares to leave.

Beatrix's bodguards are then all killed as Nikkita makes her way to Beatrix.

Beatrix then puts on her wedding dress and puts her veil on.

And after an ironic meaningful conversation Nikkita has with Beatrix they begin battle.

The battle comes out to the in-built swimming pool Beatrix has in the backyard until B.B jumps into the fray and fights Nikkita.

B.B is eventually knocked out by Nikkita and her and Beatrix's battle resumes.

Nikkita is thought dead as Beatirx pulls out a Ka-Boom cereal box with a concealed shotgun and blasts at Nikkita.

Nikkita reveals she has a titannium shield beneath the same type of body armour her mother wore whilest in the South American jungle with Beatrix escaping from Ni-Nazis.

Nikkita then finally kills Beatrix with her Hattori Hanzo via an impalement to the chest and then picks up Beatrix's shotgun and blasts her in the side of the head right where Bill's bullet hole is.

Beatrix's body then falls in the pool.

B.B then awakens and kills Nikkita following a final battle via throwing qa knife into her chest.

The film ends with B.B heading upstairs into her bedroom and sitting on her bed staring at her bedroom mirror reflection of her eyes.


  • Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kiddo AKA Black Mamba AKA The Bride AKA Mommy
  • Ambrosia Kelly as Nikkita Bell
  • Chloe Moretz as Jillian Kess/ B.B Kiddo's best friend
  • Jessica Alba as Moria Van Schenz/ Beatrix's Assassin who is sent after Nikkita Bell
  • David Carradine as Bill AKA Snake Charmer AKA Daddy (archive footage and hallucinations and Elle and Beatrix's Venice flashback
  • Vivica A.Fox as Vernita Green AKA Ginny Bell AKA Copperhead AKA Mommy (Archive Footage and South American Flashback and Beatrix's full two pines massacre flashback)
  • Lucy Liu as O-Ren Ishii AKA Cottonmouth (Archive Footage and Beatrix's full Two Pines massacre flashback)
  • Michael Madsen as Budd AKA Sidewinder (Archive Footage and Beatrix's full Two Pines massacre flashback)
  • Perla Haney-Jardine as B.B Kiddo
  • Michael Parks as Earl McGraw and Esteban Vihaio
  • Claire Smithies as Clarita
  • Julie Dreyfus as Sofie Fatale (Archive Footage and Beatrix's full Two Pines Massacre flashback)
  • Helen Kim as Karen Kim (Archive Footage and Lisa Wong's assignment flashback)
  • Takako Fuji as Lisa Wong
  • Gordon Liu as Pai Mei (Hallucinations and Elle's training flashback)
  • Nicholas Cage as Robert Rincott/ Assassin hired by B.B to eliminate Nikkita was also secretly a third assassin in Tol Poco and his wife's assassination
  • Julie Benz as Carmen Valentine/ Nurse who oversaw Beatrix's reports whilest she was hospitalized in a acoma. Nikkita takes aim at her like Esteban for information. It is revealed in her confrontation with Nikkita she allowed Elle in to kill Beatrix and was a liason to Bill
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Rufus AKA The Man (Archive Footage and Beatrix's full Two Pines Massacre Flashback
  • Eli Roth as Witherman/ Resident Of Huntsville, Texas. Suggested the benefits of being an orderley at El Passo General Hospital. Was killed by Beatrix following O-Ren upon learning his involvment in her slumber rapes.
  • Michelle Galdenzi as Varnine/ Prostitute of Esteban's

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