Kill Theory is a remake of the 2008 horror-thriller film starring Johanna Braddy, Chace Crawford, Bobby Campo, Julianna Guill, Sean Faris, Katharine McPhee, Cody Longo, Lindsey Lohan, Robert Englund and Dylan McDermott


Three years ago, an unnamed man was sentenced to a mental institution for cutting the rope that held his three friends during a mountain climbing trip, sending them to their deaths. The man goes to a remote lakeside home where 8 teens are celebrating their upcoming college graduation. He tells them by 6:00 AM more than one of them is still alive, he will kill everybody who remains. If any of them wants to survive the night, he or she has to kill the others and be the last one standing.


Johanna Braddy as Amber

Chace Crawford as Brent

Bobby Campo as Freddy

Julianna Guill as Jennifer

Sean Faris as Michael

Katharine McPhee as Nicole

Cody Longo as Carlos

Lindsey Lohan as Alex

Robert Englund as Killer

Dylan McDermott as Dr. Karl Truftin


Nicole- Gutted

Carlos- Axed to chest and shot in head

Alex- Shot by Michael

Freddy- Stabbed in eye with fire poker by Brent

Brent- Stabbed in leg and hit several times with shovel by Amber

Jennifer- Stabbed in leg and choked to death by Amber

Michael- Stabbed to death by Jennifer and he finishes it off in order to leave Amber as the lone survivor



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