Kill Theory 2 is a horror-thriller sequel starring Danielle Panabaker, Scout Taylor-Compton, Penn Badgley, Tyler Hoechlin, Emma Roberts, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Megan Park, Logan Lerman, Kay Panabaker, Kirsten Prout and Ryanne Duzich



Danielle Panabaker as Cami

Scout Taylor-Compton as Alex

Penn Badgley as Kyle

Tyler Hoechlin as Jake

Emma Roberts as Jamie

Ashley Benson as Kayleigh

Lucy Hale as Jenna

Megan Park as Layla

Logan Lerman as Jason

Kay Panabaker as Ashley

Kirsten Prout as Anna

Ryanne Duzich as Amber, Killer


Jason- Stabbed in head by Amber

Anna- Gutted by Amber

Ashley- Stabbed to death by Jake

Jake- Head hit several times with a baseball bat by Alex

Kayleigh- Shot in chest by Jamie

Jenna- Stabbed in heart by Jamie

Jamie- Shot in head by Alex

Kyle- Stabbed through head by Amber

Layla- Stabs herself so Cami and Alex can escape

Amber- Stabbed deeply in stomach by Alex


Cami and Alex

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