"Tick tock feed the Croc."
Killer croc

-Killer Croc

Waylon Jones, Killer Croc, was born with a rare skin condition. It made him have scales, massive teeth, super strength, and crocodile like features.

Early Life.

When he was born in Gotham, Waylon was givin to his alchoholic Aunt. At age twenty he became a Circus freak, he became known as Killer Croc. He was put into prison for killing a Police officer who bothered him. He broke out and took to the sewers of Gotham, to avoid the police. He had developed a hate for humanity and swore to destroy it.

Early Crimes.

Killing the Sargent

Croc had a personal job to do before he would attack Gotham. When he was eight a police sargent beat him

Killer Croc during his early Crimes

for steeling. Croc made his way to the sargent's apartment, Croc traveled by sewer. The police sargent had walked into his appartment when Croc showed himself. The sargent didn't even have time to scream Croc was finished with him in seconds. Croc returned to the sewers with the sargent's couch.

Destroying the bank

Croc had become a wonder to Gotham, he was considered an alien. Croc decided to destroy a Gotham city bank, as revenge for the citizens. Croc burst out from underground when he was in the bank. He mauled the tellers and demolished the safe. He stole fifty milloin dollars and left the bank.

Running into the Rat a Tats

Killer Croc was making his way to his small sewer full of stolen items, when he saw a gang. They were trashing his spot and Croc was enraged. Croc ran towards them and bit the first ones head open. The rest tried to run but were mauled and eaten. One of them tried to zap Croc with a stun gun, Croc was zapped multiple times before he ate the gangster. Soon the police had came down to the sewer and found the bodies. Croc was angered at the police for coming into his home, he grabbed the first and drown him. He tore the rest to peices and didn't see one escape. When it was to late he noticed one was gone, the world would know him now.

Meeting the Bat

Croc had become the new terror of Gotham city and Batman's target. Croc was swimming in his sewers, when Batman and a rookie cop named Cash were in the sewer. Croc attacked the two and the fight began. Batman and Cash dodged evey one of Crocs moves. Cash was scratched but Batman attached a shock collar to Croc. After being subdued Croc was moved to Arkham.

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