King Annab is character from the game Dark Chronicles: Wrath of Remek.


King Annab is the current king of Jadea during the events of Dark Chronicles: Wrath of Remek. He appears to be around 50+ years old, and acts as Drake Dragonmuster' father after his own, Cedric, died when Drake was a child. After becoming aware of Remek, he sends Drake Dragonmuster and the mystic Sophia to stop him. While they are gone a servant of Remek, Badabon enters the castle and kills Annab, manifesting himself as the king. When the heroes return to Jadea momentarily, they defeat Badabon after learning what has happened.


Badabon is a servant of Remek, and manifests himself as King Annab after killing him. He appears as Annab when the heroes confront him, but transforms into a winged monster in battle.

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