King Bong are an Australian doom/stoner/sludge metal duo from Darwin, North Australia, consisting of Louis Covel on guitars/vocals and Jackson Hoult on drums/bass. They employ humour into much of their songs as well as taking influence from Sleep, Electric Wizard, and other doom/sludge metal bands.


King Bong plays both slow brooding doom along with more upbeat sludge songs in the vein of Mastodon and The Sword. Their "first" song "Sacrilege" employs both elements, a slow brooding opening and mid section followed by a faster chorus and than a slower outro as well. The song "Master of the Marsh" shows elements of tribal and stoner rock elements in the drumming.

The vocals are sung via an electronic distorter that makes them sound ethereal and brooding, and are often shouted like most of vocals in the genre. The guitar and bass are downtuned and slow, and the song lengths are long as usual.

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