Harry Potter: Harry Potter, Half Human, Half Basilisk. HP/GW/DG

Chapter One; Venom Injection

Harry Potter felt the world swing around him, could hear the taunts of one Tom Marvalo Riddle, could see the basilisk's fang stuck on his arm.

Without thinking, Harry pulled out the fang, and screamed in pain, much louder than Tom's laugh. Harry saw the diary next to Ginevra Weasley, the diary that had started all of this.

"NO!", Tom roared as Harry stabbed the diary with the fang. Tom literally exploded. Harry collapsed, and he slowly crawled to Ginny, who was unconscious.

"Ginny, no", Harry muttered as he held onto her hand. She was so cold. Ginny awoke and gasped when she saw Harry's bloody form.

"Harry", she whispered, and she sat up and held onto his hand. "What happened to yo-", she was cut off as they both heard a phoneix singing.

Both turned around to see Fawkes flying towards them, and Harry held out his hand when the phoneix started to cry. Harry was getting dizzy, but something happened when the tear touched the wound.

There was an almost unhealthy glow that shone throughout the chamber, and Harry could hear Ginny gasp beside him.

He turned around, and she said, "Your eyes, Harry". Harry looked at the water, and he blinked in surprise as he saw his emerald green eyes had turned to basilisk yellow.

"Ginny, i've got the basilisk eyes", Harry whispered. Harry put off his glasses, and relised he could see better than he could before.

"Ginny, we need to get out of here", Harry told Ginny. She nodded, but then remembered what she had done and started to cry.

"Harry, this is all my fault. I shouldn't have trusted that blasted diary, and i set the basilisk on the school. And i've changed your eyes".

"Ginny, this is none of your fault. Lay the fault in Riddle, not you", Harry told her. She asked if she was going to be expelled. Knowing Dumbledore, Harry told her she wouldn't be expelled.

Soon, they reached the rocks that separated them, and Ron and Lockart. "Ron, Ginny's alive", Harry called out. Ron yelled out in joy, and Harry saw a small hole through the rocks.

"Ginny, can you get through there", Harry asked Ginny. Ginny nodded, and she crawled through the hole. Harry did the same, and Ron yelped in fear and surprise when he saw Harry's eyes.

"Blimey Harry. What happened to your eyes", Ron asked. Harry shrugged, but a part of him was angry that Ron looked, scared to him. Even though he was hiding it well. Harry then relised he could sense other people's emotions.

"How are we going to get out of here?", Harry asked. Fawkes gave a small trill of hope, and Harry smiled at the three people.

"Grab a feather of Fawkes", Harry told them. Harry held onto Fawkes' tail, Ginny held onto his hand, Ron took hers, and Lockart took his.

Fawkes then sang one more time, and they disapeared.

Chapter Two; New Powers

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