King Solomon's Mines is a 2011 Action Adventure Cerial Film based on the classic 1885 award winning novel by author H. Rider Haggart's who'se novel and character was the inspiration for the later award winning action film Indiana Jones in 1980

King Solomon's Mines 2011 is written by Steve Kloves the british film screenwriter behind the first few Harry Potter films and the last two.

The film is also directed by Steven Soderberg the man behind Ocean's Twelve in the popular action heist movie series and stars Liam Neeson as the infamous hero Allan Quartermaine, Sarah Jessica Parker as the tough female love interest Jesse Huston, Samuel L. Jackson as the mysterious companion Umbopo, Jack Nicholson as the titular antagonist German Military General Bockner, Jason Alexander as the drunken following Turkish Slave Driver Dogati, Denzel Washington as the Kukuana King King Twala and Halle Berry as his sinister evil assistant Gagool.


The film begins with a tribal woman carrying a vase and rushing across a desert wasteland until she comes to that of a mine and lays the vase down before it in a bowing position.

She begins talking to the mine and promising a sacrifice of five of the greatest of emotional strength.

The film then flashes to her taking out five captive tribal men and sacrificing them to an unseen malevolent beast which consumes them.

The unseen beast is not satisfied with the five she has provided as they were not tho'se of the greatest emotional strength.

She vows to bring him the correct five and begins a search out.

The film then takes us to Durban Africa where a man witha cowboy hat is taking off in a hurry on horseback.

He is being pursued by attackers armed with pistols whom are riding on oxcart.

They chase him to a desert rock summation which the man gets up onto and is attacked by a strange quandrant of deformed people.

The man conquers the people killing all of them apart from a little mutant boy and girl and then appeases his former attackers by delivering them what they wanted: The Beane family of which he had promised he would deliver them to them.

The film carries onto to see the man revealed to be a reckless yet accurate gunsman adventurer named Allan Quartermaine.

Quartermaine is soon seeked out in Africa by a beautiful blonde woman named Jesse Huston who enlists him to accompany her in proclaiming her father from the fabelled King Solomon's Mines.

The two take off from Africa after the people of Durban turn on Allan after discovering all of his supposed feats were staged and or had a significant reward for him.

Allan takes of with the woman Jesse to the edge of South Africa where they enlist the help of a group of expert hunters known as the Rangers for which Allan was once a collective part of.

The Rangers help them but the people from Durban get to the border too and chase them down the ranges until they take off off in the Ranger Leader Maximillius' Aircraft Vehicle.

The group come the North African Uncharted Land of Verdimooy where Jesse claims her professor father was last.

They soon find themselves in trouble as they captured by a German Military Unit lead by a ruthless ruler Ian Bockner.

Bockner along with his Slave Driving Drunken and dimwitted accomplice Dogati force the rangers, Quartmaine and Miss Huston on a trek across Verdimooy to get to the lost village of Kukuana which in myth exists and is the first part of three locations leading onto to the fabelled King Solomon's Mines.

They face many troubles and the Blue Lecktor fleet of German Soldiers on the trek are wiped out after they enter the Calablancas Desert of Verdimooy where an evil quartet of savages known collectively as the Ranchers whom were a past rival group of the Rangers.

The group then come to the Elephant Graveyard and lose one of the guiding Turkish Slaves to a remaining Prehistoric Jungan Elephant whom storms the group and crushes Brown Skinned guiding Slave near the Graveyard Mountain Peak.

The group then continues on and comes through the Vineland Marsh following their first camp out and the group lose two Rangers to a viney like living plant which sweeps them from the marsh after they trek through it.

Quartermaine guides the way with his map made out the blood of a Portuegese Archeologist whom went searching searching for King Solomon's Mines formerley and disappeared.

The group then come to a desert village named Jungandine where a sweet local woman they had saved from the desert quicksand offers them provisions and camp.

From there they make their way to the Ice Mountains where they lose the Dark Skinned Guiding Slave who falls from the collapsing Main Ice Mountain Wall.

The group then come to the final third location before entering the lost city of Kuana which is the valley field.

The Valley Field's lush green overstretching Pasture whispers to it's victims and makes them go either suicidal or homicidal.

The Leader Ranger Maximillius becomes Homicidal as he once had a been an abusive drunk husband to his former wife who killed herself.

He attempts to kill Jesse but is stopped and stabbed brutally by Bockner.

The group then enter Kuana and are brought before it's primordial king King Twala.

Twala orders a sacrifice and a sparing of one of the invaders however his assistant shown to be the evil woman from the start with the vase orders that five be left alive.

They are ordered to split into groups of five and one out of the five groups each must be the first to complete one of the five beset tasks and be one of the five spared ones.

Quartermaine accomplishes one and Bockner's General In Training Apprentice seals his fate of doom, Jesse conquers assistant female general Tardine whom is Bockner's occasional lover, Umbopo Quartermaine's African Witch Doctor Companion conquers Bockner's Witch Doctor, Bockner conquers the second in line Ranger leader Alexei and the slave driver Dogati succeeds over the last remaining guiding slave the white skinned one.

The losers then come before King Twala and are told to look before the totem statue which stands behind his throne.

The Statue brings forth their inner insecurities and evils and burns them from the inside and out.

Quartermaine, Bockner, Jesse, Umbopo and Dogati then beseachingly ask to know the location of King Solomon's Mines.

He tells them but warns them to venture home instead as a great evil lies in the bowels of the Mine Mountain and is the devourer of souls.

The surviving group camp out in Kuana and Jesse and Bockner still pack up for a trek to the Mine Mountain for their different reasons.

Umbopo, Quartermaine and Dogati do not wish to continue on after learning of the beast that lives in the Mines but are coaxed as the King's assistant (the evil woman searching for sacrifices at the start of the film) Gagool tells she can take them to the mine safely and get them inside for what they desire without harm.

Quartermaine and Umbopo do not trust her (Dogati does) but still go on the trek to ensure that Jesse doesn't get killed.

They come across the three locations leading to the Mine Mountain which require a sacrifice not of flesh but of something else.

The first location the Misleading Desert requires a sacrifice of mind power (that of a cherished memory) Jesse offers the memory of her and her father's celebration of her fifth birthday.

The second the crevice containing an icy floor bottom requires a sacrifice of will power (one of one's basic motor functions must be offered) Bockner offers up his basic hand eye co-ordination and the last location The Mountain Staircase requires a sacrifice of heart power (one's ability to love and be loved in return).

Umbopo offers up his love power and the group finally reach the entrance to the mines.

Gagool is already there and reveals that she has already come to the mines before and henceforth doesn't need to offer any sacrifices of those types as it has already been done.

She tells the group they must enter the mine incanting the words of which she tells them.

The words she tells them are the lost IsiZulu Language Words which she incanted at the start to the mine before seemingly communicating with the unseen soul eating beast.

The words are revealed to be the summoning sacrifice ritual incantation used to summon the beast Viracocha's ancient demonic guardian spirit which comes from a locket seen at the beginning of the film hanging around Gagool's neck which she cast into the cave before doing the incantation and communicating with it.

The group are then sealed inside and must run through the elementally booby trapped mine to escape Viracocha.

All of the group come to one chamber which Jesse had researched earlier which is the main chamber of Solomon's Mines and is known as the Chamber Of The Element's which below holds the Chamber of Sacrifice.

They work out the Arcadian Construction Puzzle and are thrown below into a desert pit with the living vines from the marsh and whispering lush green class from the valley.

There held in place in the walls is skeletons of former sacrifices and some still living sacrifices which are missing limbs.

Quartermaine and Jesse relinquesh them from the walls and try to help them escape through tunnells leading out.

Viracocha however catches up and devours most of them apart from the legless living sacrifice whom is being carried by Quartermaine and Umbopo.

The Legless man is caused to spontaneously combust by looking at Viracocha (The totem which took King Twala's sacrifices contains part of Viracocha's Gaze.

Jesse who goes back into the entrance tunnel tries to save the man and instead is touched by the demonic spirit Viracocha which Umbopo warns is the touch of death which kills instantly and can only be cured by Viracocha's reversing.

They carry out the now lifeless Jesse out to the entrance aqqnd climb up the rocky left side of the mine's entrance.

Flames then come bursting through the entrance relentlessly just as Bockner and Dogati take to the left rock wall.

Then from above emerges Gagool with a serrated knife who claims they are the five sacrifices who'se souls will grant her Viracocha's reward which she tells is her desire of her power which will lead to her overthrowing King Twala and ruling all countries as superior queen.

As Viracocha emerges Quartermaine randomeley bursts out speaking IsiZulu.

He tells Viracocha he will offer him two of the sacrifices of the five he desired and one whom has been controlling him and keeping him bound to the forsaken Mine Mountain: Gagool.

Viracocha accepts shaking a fiery hand with Quartermaine and then unleashes fiery rays of elephant headed flame lines which surge at Bockner and Dogati and lift Gagool up into the air before Viracocha.

Quartermaine then shoots The Locket in Gagool's hand and Viracocha stares at her causing her to horrifically mutilate and combust in half as her blood and bones swerve in a small circle before coming into his mouth.

The skies which had gone black through the course of this final confrontation turn blue with white clouds again as Viracocha asks what Quartermaine desires.

Quartermaine whom had planned formerly to ask Viracocha to restore Umbopo's power to love instead asks him to restore the life of Jesse Huston and bring back her father.

Professor Huston then emerges from the mine entrance as Jesse awakes.

Viracocha takes off into the sky and in the process eliminates the luscious green grass from the Valley Field Pasture, sweeps away the desert and marsh containing the living vines.

The film ends with the people of Kuana including King Twala reward Quartermaine and the group giving him the Elixir of Life which should someone he loves be that himself or someonelse be on the brink of death few drops of the Elixir will restore them.

King Twala then reveals that Umbopo was actually the King of whom Twala had claimed he had overthrown and killed.

He actually hadn't as Umbopo had just passed down the crown and took to live in the quiet African settlement of Durban.

Umbopo then further reveals he was indeed also Twala's older brother.

The group return to Durban and the Durban people hail Quartermaine as a hero and build a large motel in Durban in testament of him naming it The Ranger's Mine Ranch.

Inside it contains photos of Maximillius and all the Rangers whom had been killed.

The film ends with Umbopo blessing Quartermaine with a spell which goes death will never come to Quartermaine whilest he is in Africa.

Quartermaine and Umbopo then travel in Maximillius' car which had been crashed in the start of the film to the Border Airport where they see off Jesse and her father as they prepare to fly back to London.

Quartermaine whilest Jesse is boarding the plane passes her the Elixir and gives her a kiss.

The film ends with the camera focusing on Quartermaine in the Ranger's car after the plane takes off and after Umbopo asks: "So Allan Bloody Quartermaine, What Now?"


  • Liam Neeson as Allan "Bloody" Quartermaine
  • Sarah Jessica Parker as Jesse "Hopeless" Huston
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Umbopo
  • Jack Nicholson as General Bockner
  • Jason Alexander as Daniel Ferdine III "Dogati"
  • Denzel Washington as King Twala
  • Halle Berry as Gagool
  • John Malkovich as the Voice Of Viracocha
  • Marlin Timeras as Brown Skinned Slave Guide Philliip
  • Justin Nexon as Black Skinned Slave Guide Chauncey Dodderidge
  • Justin Theroux as White Skinned Slave Guide Martin Kevla
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Commander Taryn Nuclin
  • Chris Evans as Maximillius Parkinson

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