Kingdom Hearts: History of A Keyblade is a fan-made kingdom hearts RPG game, developed by TheUltimateLifeform for many consoles and systems. It is centered around a mysterious young man man named Rai, whom somehow comes into posession of a strange keyblade. Quickly following suit is the uprooting of his entire perception of existance. With the heartless and nobodies flooding into his world, and the sudden weight of a universe's balance thrust onto his shoulders, he is forced to embark on a journey transcending dimensions, to uncover and quell the source if the new threat, aswell is discover himself.


Kingdom Hearts: History of A Keyblade, like all the games and spin-offs preceding it, the game features a vast array of familiar disney cartoon and movie characters, the majority of which having made appearance in the past, however, there are numerous new appearances by old characters whom have yet to appear, such as Buzz Lightning and Woody from Toy Story, and even more recent characters such as the cast from megabrain, and various others. Rai must venture across entire dimensions, and perform the duties seen by those seen in many of the former Kingdom Hearts games. Many Final Fantasy Characters from a set of the more recent games, such as Final Fantasy XIII. However, as he proceeds, he finds his existance questionable, and begins to wonder why it was he received such a duty. Why are the visions of an ominous figuire still plauging his mind?, memories he does not remember living surfacing in his psyche, and who is the mysterious crimson haired girl who will not cease to appear in his dreams?...


The game itself is, once again, much the same as the ones which had come before it. However, it has shown itself to be an exceedingly difficult game, in comparison to those before it. Posessing the extremely fast and brutal fighting physics and battle system seen in that of the Ninja Gaiden video games franchise, History of a Keyblade is one of the most difficult and challenging kingdom hearts games yet. According to the lead developer, The game is created to "embody the true intensity of what rai, as a character is". He wanted to make sure that the players experience the full throttle, no holds barred ferocity, and graceful skill used by rai, from the moment they picked up the controller. Staying true to its roots, the player is also capable of using the character in an action-rpg style, capable of casting various spells, which achieve a variety of effects, and even summon up characters to aid them in battle.


Secret Ending


  • Throughout the game, there are repeated audio appearances of multiple songs which are significant and pertain to the Kingdom Hearts Series in a way, such as;
    • "Simple & Clean" by Hikaru Utada, which is played at the opening of the game, during the visual introduction of Rai.
    • and "Sanctuary" by Utada Hikaru, which is played at the end.
  • The song played during the secret ending is "The Revenant Choir"by Versailles. Because of the multiple appearances of Rai in the vision, it is now considered his theme-song. An instrumental loop version of the song is also played during the final phase of the games last boss battle.

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