Kitty's cute form

Name: Kitsune (Kitty)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Occupation: Ashfrod Academy mascot, Alice's pet


Kitsune was a wild Nobody. But when another Nobody charged at Alice, Kitsune ended up protecting her. Alice wanted to keep Kitsune as a pet and made Dark name her. He named her Kitsune (Fox) but Alice calls her Kitty every now and then. She is loyal and eats quit alot.


Kitty's true Nobody form


When Kitty is in her Cute Form, she can use something called Static which allows her to paraylze anything. Lightning-rod lets her draw in all objects around her and shock them.

When Kitty is in her True Form, she can use something called Dragon Wheel which allows her to spin very fast causing the flames on her body to erupt her body uinto blue flames.

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