The Klandathu Insectoids are a race of giant insect-like life forms that inhabit the planet Klandathu and its neighboring planets. Humans whom have had contact with these life forms refer to them affectionately as "bugs" due to their insect like traits.

The Klandathu Insectoid species is a product of many millennia of evolution, producing many varying genus's, spanning many varieties of physiological and biological design. The most commonly encountered genus are the Arachnid "Warriors", which many have likened to military foot soldiers. Standing at least 10' tall and weighing 1200 lbs., they are distinguished by a large headpiece that appears to sit on four thin, spider-like, multi-jointed legs. The head is comprised of large pincer-like ridges that can pierce even the strongest of materials, along with two auxiliary stabbing tusks. Their body is of a chitinous exoskeletal construction, encasing all of the vital systems inside a compact compartment in the rear section, which is covered with a heavily armored carapace.

There are reports of Arachnid Warriors which are capable of flight, their wings possessing razor sharp cutting edges. Whether this is yet another genus of Klandathu Insectoids or simply the female version of the Arachnid Warriors is as yet unknown.

Another genus of Klandathu Insectoids that have been encountered are the gargantuan "Tankers". This genus is similar in physiology to the Earth-based Common Beetle, but stands at roughly 30 feet high and weighs approximately 3.5 metric tons. Heavily armored with a thick carapace covering their entire dorsal body, Tankers are capable of excavating earth, breaking up through the surface to attack.

Piercing mandibles are used in close quarter combat and flaming bio-corrosive fluid is sprayed from the top of the Tankers head, which is ignited by a form of biological 'spark plug'. Tankers are seldom seen alone and often accompanied by Arachnid Warriors.

Less encountered are the "Drones" which are the smallest of the Klandathu Insectoids. Their purpose is as of yet unknown, however it is speculated that they are used as gatherers and general workers for the species. Drones are flat armored Insectoids which stand approximately 1 foot high, by 1 1/2 feet in diameter, and are the least threatening of the species.

Recently discovered is the "Brain Bug". This genus is the rarest of the Klandathu Insectoids but the most dangerous of the species. Approximately 2 meters tall, the Brain Bug is grub-like in appearance, with four sets of eyes and an extendable proboscis used for sucking out brain matter. The internal anatomy of the Brain Bug consists of 80% cerebral enzymes, with the remaining 20% used for the creature's vital functions. Essentially, the entire creature is a walking brain. Little has been discovered but studies have shown that the creature telepathically controls and co-ordinates the legions of Arachnid Warriors, Tankers, Drones and possibly other genus’s if they exist.

The Klandathu Insectoids are not indigenous to Klandathu, but they have been present there for centuries. Their physiology suggests many millennia of interstellar evolution. They are able to colonise other planets (and attack orbiting targets) by firing spores into space, and their bodies are sufficiently sealed for them to survive the vacuum of space. Most incredible of all is their ability to control gravity wells, which has allowed them to throw asteroids towards target planets. How they have come to master this amazing feat is still unknown at this time.

Aside from the guidance of the Brain Bug the intelligence of the species is questionable at best, as they display very animalistic tendencies, ranging from random shrieking to fighting each other for food. It is believed that the Klandathu Insectoids reproduce asexually with each individual containing pre-fertilised spores, however it is unknown how many spores each may possess.


  • The species is depicted in the Starship Troopers franchise.

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