Korr Luger
Biographical information

Early Second Age


End Second Age (Imperial City, Tamriel)

Physical description





3.01 meters

Hair color

Light Brown

Eye color



Ludish City Guard Steel Heavy Armor

Personal information

Martin Septim; Jauffre; High Chancellor Ocato; Lex Nodicin


Mythic Dawn; Grey Fox; Dark Brotherhood


Sword of Luger; Steel Bow & Arrows

Chronological and Political Information

King of Ludish; Blades member; Master-rank Mage


Ludish City; The Blades; Imperial Legion

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Korr Luger is Breton male who resides in Ludish City, his kingdom. Korr is a Master in the Mage's Guild, and is a silled Swordsman and Archer. Korr also is the King of Ludish City, and a member of the Nine Knights of the counrty of Tamriel. He plays a large role with Martin Septim in destroying the threats from Oblivion.


Early Life

Birth & Early Childhood

Korr Luger was born at the start of the Second Age in Ludish City as a prince. His father, Koran Luger, was the King of Ludish, and his mother, Arla Luger, the Queen. Korr was born and taught into royalty, but he began trainging secretly in the ways of the Sword when he was four years old. At the age of seven, he mastered the basics of swordfighting, and went on to learn Archery. In three years, he soon mastered it, too. When he turned ten, the county of Tamriel discovered that inside the volcanic demension world of Oblivion, trouble was growing as Lord Dagon began to reconstuct his army. Korr's father, King Koran, began to aid the capital of Tamriel, Imperial City. As a fellow city in the country of Tamriel, Ludish City aided Imperial City in gathering soldiers to fend off the Oblivion threat.

Family Horror

Now at the age of fourteen, Korr's parents, Koran and Arla, gave birth to another child. A baby girl named Arsa. Korr welcomed his sister into the family. However, after receiving word of and Oblivion gate opening at the edges of Ludish territory, King Koran set out with sveral of his best Knights. The Luger family was horrified to discover that King Koran had been killed that night, along with his Knights. Korr, his mother Arla, and sister Arsa, held a mournful funeral for the father of their family. Korr's mother, Queen Arla, was given command over Ludish. Beings his mother, Arla, was busy acting as ruler, Korr trained and helped raise his little sister Arsa.

New King

After nine more years of ruleing Ludish City, assasains attacked and killed Queen Arla, Korr's mother. Devestated by the loss of his mother, Korr (for the first time ever) revealed his Swordsmanship skills and struck down the assasains. He, however, was too late, and he held his mother in his arms as she died. Korr was crowned King of Ludish City, was Knighted by High Chancellor Ocato, and refilled his fallen father's place in the Council of Nine Knights, a council of the leaders of Tamriel. After several months in the capital of Tamriel, Imperial City, Korr returned home to Ludish City. He was saddened to learn that much of Ludish land had been lost, and only the main part of the city, which was sourrounded by a gigantic stone wall, remained. In the center of the Great Wall of Ludish, rest the Ludish Palace, where Korr sat in the Throne Room. Korr began to plan with his top war advisors on how they would cease the growing threat of Oblivion. Korr officialy declared war on the demensional, volcanic world of Oblivion.

War Against Oblivion

Death of Tamriel's Emperor

News soon spead out across of of Tamriel that Uriel Septim, Emperor of Tamriel, was murdered at the hands of the same assasains that Arla Luger was killed with. Korr traveled to Imperial City for the Emperor's funeral, and mourned over his former lord. Then, the council of Nine finaly agreed with Korr and joined Ludish City, as they declared war against Oblivion. Korr then began to lead several battles against Oblivion's forces, and traveled to Cloud Ruler Temple, the secret base of The Blades, a elite society sworn to protect the Emperor and the Empire of Tamriel. Korr then was accepted into the Blades, as a Knight Brother. Korr then lead dozens of secret missions with The Blades to fight against Oblivion. One of the missions included entering Oblivion itself, and killed one of their Cheifs.

Battle of Kavatch

Once word that an Oblivion Gate had opened outside Kavatch, Korr lead a group of his best Ludish City Guards to the seiged city. He arrived to find the Captain of the Kavatch guard desperatly trying to defend their city against the Deadra of Oblivion. Korr and his men charged into the Oblivion Gate. However, it wasn't them that closed the gate, but "the player" of Elder Scrolls IV.

Closing Oblivions Gates

King Luger soon realized that, by nearly destroying Kavatch, the Deadra of Oblivion were serious, and would to anything to see Tamriel in flames. King Luger then lead four more attacks against the Deadra, closing more Oblivion Gates. He, however, felt as if for every Gate they closed, three more would open. The King then received word from a captured Deadra spy that entire armies of Deadra were about to attack Ludish City, his kingdom and home.

Battle of Ludish City

See Ludish City


It would seem as if all of Korr's legacies were killed along with him. His county ruled by his now-evil sister, and hisdear friend, Captain Lex Nodicin executed. Korr's death shocked all of Tamriel and all of Earth. A giant statue in meomary of Korr was built in the center og Ludish City, and another in the Imperial City Palace. Korr's body was buried next to his mother's in the Ludish City Palace garden.

Weapons & Armor

Sword of Luger

Korr Luger used a custom crafted Longsword that had jewlery on its hilt, and symbols on its blade. Korr crafted the blade and set many enchantments on it when he was crowned King of Ludish. Korr has used the sword ever since, and has mastered its use. One of the many enchanments of the Sword make it impossible for anyone but Korr to weild it. After his death, the Sword of Luger is located in a display case in the Ludish Palace Museum. Blood from the Ludish City Battle still is stained in it in rememberance of those lost.


Korr wears Heavy Steel Armor when he is in battle, and enchanted, lightweight chainlink Mithril on a normal basis. The Mithril appears like normal black clothing, but is a hard and defendable as Dragon Scales. Where Korr managed to come up with such a magical amd ancient artifact is unknown. After his death, Korr's armor was displayed in the Ludish Palace Museum.

Skills & Powers

Korr a master with a sword, and a expert will a bow & arrow. Korr's speaciality was Magika, as his favorte type of Magika was fire, and he used it many times during battle. Korr once was able to close an entire Oblivion Gate without any assistance.

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