Kratos SC BD

Real Name Kratos
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Resides Sparta
Origin Sparta
First Appearance God of War
Species Human





Other Gods


Other Titans


Blades of Exile


Blade of Olympus

Helios' Head

Fighting Styles Unknown
Alignment Neutral

Kratos is the main protagonist of the God of War series, and one of the most powerful warriors in gaming history.


(Coming Soon)


  • Has super strength.
  • Can rip heads off of his opponents.
  • Can lift really heavy objects.
  • Rips his enemies in half.
  • Is considered to be more powerful than a God and a Titan.

In Ultimo X FighterEdit


  • Using the Blade of Olympus, he slashes his opponent thrice, jumps on the opponent and stabs them with the sword, pulls the blade out again and fatally strikes the opponent.
  • He stabs his opponent with the Blades of Exile, throws him/her behind him, grabs the head, rips it off, and eye-gouges the head before tossing it aside.

Battle QuotesEdit

  • "Die now!"
  • "You dare defy the God of War?!"
  • "Behold the power of the God of War!"
  • "I will make you suffer!"
  • "Are you with Zeus?!"
  • (When fighting Christina) "You may not be with the gods, but you will still fall by my blade!"
  • (When fightung Darth Raiden) "Let's settle this. If I win, you have to aid me against Zeus!"
  • (When fighting Electrops) "I'll be sure nothing will be left of you!"
  • (When fighting Galen Marek) "Are you serving the gods?! If you are, then stay out of my way, or die!!"
  • (When fighting Ignatus) "Stay out of my way! I have other plans!"
  • (More coming soon)

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