Kristen 2: Kristen's Back is an American horror-slasher movie starring Ashley Greene, Jamie Chung, Nina Dobrev, Sarah Roemer, Jessica Szohr and Amber Tamblyn.


Kristen becomes friends with Sara, she introduces Kristen to her friends. Later, Sara's friends soon find out that Kristen is a killer and that they must save Sara before she kills them and Sara.


  • Ashley Greene as Kristen
  • Jamie Chung as Sara
  • Nina Dobrev as Amy
  • Sarah Roemer as Michelle
  • Jessica Szohr as Jasmine
  • Amber Tamblyn as Chelsea


Kristen, Sara and Amy


Chelsea- Kristen blows up Chelsea's house with Chelsea in it

Jasmine- Kristen crashes Jasmine's car

Michelle- she has her throat slit

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