Kurt Twombly
Full Name Kurt Monroe Twombly
Nicknames Old Man Kurt
Age 56
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 19, 1955
Status Alive
Place of Birth Birmingham, Alabama
Nationality American
Occupation Apartment complex manager
Family Unknown

Kurt Twombly is a character appearing in the animated television series Nick and Jerrick. Kurt is the manager of the Grandcenter Apartments were Nick and Jerrick live. He is shown to be very greedy, cheap, and selfish and overall cares very little about the tendants of the apartment complex.


Kurt normally appears as a greasy, overweight, middle aged man who is nearly bald. He is Caucasian, has blue eyes, with the remainder of his hair being nearly white in color. Kurt normally wears a white t-shirt, black pants, and brown shoes. Kurt also has an intense body odor which often pointed out by Nick and Jerrick, whom he hates and wishes to evict (but doesn't only because they always pay their rent on time). Kurt is also shown to be very rude to the other tendants of the apartment complex and is shown to be stern. Whenever someone is late on their rent he wastes no time in having them evicted (unless they pay their rent late with interest). Kurt is also known to be a money hoarder and has often been believed to take cuts out of the tendant's rent money and keep the money for himself. Kurt also 'forgets' to pay the utility bills of the apartment complex.


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