Læraðr is the eigth album from Swedish doom metal band Yggdrasill Burning, released on October 13th 2004. It is preceded by 2000's Atalantë and followed by 2006's Nú Mun Hon Søkkvask. The album centres around the mythical tree Yggdrasill, of which the band takes its name from.

Track listing

  1. "Norsemen" - 1:25
  2. "Heidrun the Goat" - 7:00
  3. "Eikthyrnir" - 9:00
  4. "Sacrifice of Odin" - 10:05
  5. "March of the Jötnar" - 8:50
  6. "Prose of Líf and Lífþrasir" - 11:00
  7. "Irminsul" - 8:00
  8. "Drink from Mímisbrunnr" - 10:00
  9. "Passion" - 12:00
Yggdrasill Burning-Læraðr

Læraðr was yet another Norse inspired album, the first since 1996's Vanir.

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