Lego Ninjago The Video Game is a upcoming video game in 2013 available for PS3 Xbox 360 Nintendo Wii DS 3DS & Xbox 360.


In two stories of the game , In the first story . The Serpentine has been released by Lloyd Garmadon so Kai Zane Cole & Jay must unlock their true potentials to defeat The Serpintine In the second story , The 4 ninjas including the Green Ninja Lloyd must face a new threat a army of undead pirates The Ocean Plunderers and a second crew half sea creature and half human the Wave Marauders in order to protect Ninjago.

Playable Characters

Kai / Red Ninja of Fire

Zane / White Ninja of Ice

Cole / Black Ninja of Earth

Jay / Blue Ninja of Lightning

Lloyd Garmadon / Green Ninja

Sensei Wu

Nya / Samurai X

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